Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus as I saith the Lord God creator and redeemer of all of mankind as I have so warned the external Nations involved in the creating of the Yemeni crisis in as far as the main energy resource for this civilization without which it would inevitably collapse I saith the Holy one of Israel shall by earth quakes deep in the Earth cause that resource to sink beyond the reach of mankind to put it plainly cause the Oil Wells to dry up one by one as said afore this resource is not limitless and soon is to be exhausted in many Nations because of the rate is being used by mankind mainly in this civilizations transport system but also in power stations well ye might say that I have forgotten the other resource gas that is drawn up from beneath the Earth surface but it is that I forget nought and thus if mankind’s inhumanity towards especially the weak and vulnerable of mankind; as revealed in Yemen and the Rohingya refugee camps along with the other refugee camps the result of the Syrian conflict and the refugees fleeing their corrupt and evil governments seeking the help of western rich Nations; does not cease then it is that I shall have no alternative but to carry out upon those Nation involved in creating these crises a punishment befitting their crimes in the manner so warned as I have again warned thee so shall I do and as an example I shall cause the oil wells of certain Nations to as ye say it dry up by causing as above said the oil to drain deep beyond the reach of mankind by massive Earth quakes into that which thou doth call the Earth’s crust beyond the reach of mankind if then that does not galvanise humanity to cease from off the face of the Earth all wars and conflicts then I shall cause not only all oil wells to dry up; which will make not only all of thy transport and transportation systems to become useless but also thy vehicles of war to become useless as well; but shall pour out upon the whole of the Earth the full fury of My wrath and anger in the fulfilment of a striking of the Earth with such as promised in My Word and also with Volcanoes in diverse places never afore seen along with cataclysmic storms of such magnitude as never afore seen upon the Earth and what thou doth call Tsunamis that those that have gone before shall pale into insignificance in as far as their ferocity and destructive power and the devastation they shall cause. Thus far I have said as concerning Europe and its Unions they will get the Brexit they deserve and so they shall and as My Promise to those Nations is a certainty so is My Promise to Mankind if it does not heed the warning and examples given especial of the warnings revealed in past disastrous events in those and past crises caused by wicked and unrighteous Nations and terrorist organizations. Thus say I if nought is done the full force of My swift sharp terrible sword in the hands of He who wields it shall strike all the unrighteous Nations of the Earth.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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