Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation the Universe and all that in it is as I warned the Nations of the Americas so shall it come to pass even My Just Judgement as I have struck these Nations already in wrath and anger by whirlwind and fire by hurricanes and floods the Nations of that Continent because of the great wickedness immorality and corruption and the breaking of all of My Holy Law and Commandments especially in all of the Governments of that continent and the crimes of the neglect of the needy of all of the Nations that exist therein by those that have had and do have the resources to meet the needs of all of the needy of those Nations even the lame the sick the disabled the destitute the homeless the orphan and the elderly many times over yet waste thy resourses on that which as My word puts it is not bread even on thy projects that cost billions in space exploration and of the advancement of techknowledgey of archaeological research excluding of course medical research none of these can feed the hungry relieve the thirst of the thirsty provide homes for the homeless and medical care for the sick yea indeed many there are that donate much to charities and other organizations that go to crisis hit countries Nations and regions but that which is given is but a pittance as compare to the resources the wealthy Nation have and wasted on projects that in reality feed no one nor help anyone nor heal the sick the lame the disable and the dying especially in crisis hit countries where many are at the risk of contracting diseases. Thus say I to these Nations for thy neglect and the wasting of the resources given unto thee by Me not to waste it on useless projects and upon thy greed and lust that could have helped billions My Just Judgement shall descend upon thee in wrath and anger for ye of the rich western Nations have thus far lived in the lap of luxury even the poor of thy lands and Nations have lived in comparison to the poor Nations of the Earth comfortable lives who know not what really poverty is especially when those living in extreme poverty their lives hang on the edge of life because of conflict war corruption and greed thus no longer if the Nations of the Americas continue to neglect the needy the sick the elderly the homeless they could have and can help meet the needs thereof of all of the needy of the Americas then it shall be that all of the Nations of these Lands shall suffer My Just Judgment by the outpouring of My wrath and anger by the striking of the wealthy Nations of the Americas crops and live stock with plague and pestilence so much so that the great depression of the thirties will seem in comparison like unto but a mild desert storm that passeth and is seen no more the wealthy Nations of the Northern Americas shall then know what real poverty and destitution is like and unlike in the present and past blocking out by closing of thine eyes and minds to the actual suffering of others ye will no longer be able to as thou shall be suffering what they have and do suffer even now extreme starvation medical neglect homeless destitution for at the moment real destitution is beyond the comprehension of many of the wealthy Nations of the Earth but no longer. For now because of the actions and attitude of one man in the Americas even of the Northern Nation if his attitude does not change then the crisis forming on his Nations borders could soon turn into a disaster that will affect his amongst other Nation in that area with more people gathering there the lack of medical help and aid the situation medically could easily get out of control by the arising and spreading disease and with the possibility of turning into a plague. The answer to the problem of the border refugees is dealing with the cause as it should have been with the refugee and migrant crisis of North Africa and Syria in the Middle East of which is not over and because of the Yemeni and Rohingya crises is about to escalate when the people there are able to flee the conflict there.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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