Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee at this time even the only true saviour and redeemer of mankind especially the Holy People whom belong unto Me through the blood of the eternal Passover Lamb of God the Messiah IMMANUEL. Many there are that now say when shall My Judging of the Nations be completed and My reply is when true Justice and Peace by Mine own hand returns to all of the Earth and when war and conflict cease from the surface of the Earth along with the whole of mankind seeking to repair the damage they have done to the Earth and the creatures therein when all of mankind obeys the main two commandments as are so set down in My Word which are as written to Love the Lord thy God with all of thy heart will and mind and the second like unto the first Love thy neighbour; who is thy neighbour everyone; as thy self for as it is so said in My Word if these two are obeyed from the deepest depths of thy heart thou doth fulfil all My Holy Law and the My Word as delivered through My servants the prophets as well as doing My Will as it is so done in My Kingdom of Heaven. But also I say this as so set down in My Word all has to be fulfilled as set down in My Word as concerning Israel in that all of those that have been scattered throughout the Earth return unto the Promised Land and are saved from My Wrath which has now come upon the whole of the Earth and as said as concerning peace and true Justice returning to the Earth peace and security shall indeed return unto Israel when all return to the land of Promise and the House to My Holy Name is rebuilt and the Ark of My covenant is returned unto its rightful place in the Holy of Holies in the House to My Name. Thus shall not one title or jot until then remain unfulfilled especial as concerning My Just Judgment descending upon all the Nations of the Earth ALL I SAY ALL SHALL BE OF A CERTAINTY BE FUFILLED ACCORDING AS IS SO SET DOWN IN MY WORD. But as concerning My Judging of the Nations is concerned even as I shall Judge and punish the Northern continent of the Americas so shall My Just Judgement descend upon all the Nations of the Southern Continent of the Americas in wrath and anger shall I strike the corrupt governments of these Nations even as I shall and have struck the Northern Continents Nations each and every one shall suffer plague and pestilence drought and famine but not only for the way in which these Nations have and do treat their people especially children for of which the full fury of My wrath and anger shall strike those Nation that do and are miss treating their children causing them to suffer extreme hardship to the extent that many are and do live on the streets their parents in many cases being unable to care for or feed them but even so they to shall not escape their neglect and mistreatment of their children for from birth they are responsible for their care and protection no matter what neither shall the criminal gangs escape My Just Judgment in as far as their treatment of children in any way shape or form they shall not ever escape My true Just Judgment for all that they do I see and do Judge them and await their appearance before Me in Judgment for them there is no escaping the bottomless pit and the lake of fire that resides therein. But My Just Judgment shall descend upon those Nations that do wickedly treat their forests and lands and creatures which belong unto Me and into whose hand I placed the environment for its care and protection and not destruction and devastation especial the forests of the Nations of the southern continent in wrath and anger have I struck the Northern continent with hurricane and cataclysmic storms and massive Tsunamis even of volcanoes of which also the Southern Continent must suffer the same unless they turn from their great wickedness crime corruption immorality and the miss treatment of My creatures and lands for it is I give it into the hands of mankind even all of the Earth to care for and protect until their time upon the Earth is at and end and they come before Me in Judgment when they shall be required to answer for their treatment of their environment and of all they have done throughout their lives on Earth and for the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and commandments thus for their crimes in the breaking of My Holy Laws and commandments shall they be punished and for their crimes committed against others so shall they be punish according to the demands of My Holy Laws and commandments and for neglecting their responsibility for the care and protection of their environment and the creatures lands and forests of the Earth they each and everyone shall be punished even according to My Holy Laws and Commandments as is so set down in My Word all shall be Judged unto perfection.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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