Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith Lord God to whom belongs the whole of creation the heavens and the Earth and all that in them is and unto no one else doth any of it belong to do with as I please even as saith the Lord God of Host I have willed and so purposed to do so from the beginning before creation by the Word of My Mouth came into existence. As said many times all of mankind and all the creatures of the Earth and fowls of the air do move and live and have the being in Me and without Me cannot and could not exist. Thus it is O Mighty Nations of the Earth that in thy pride thou hast sought to reach unto the heights of heaven and in doing so have sunk down into the depths of the darkness of unbelief lies and deceit of corruption and of disobedience to all of My Holy Laws and Commandments even approaching the very depths of immorality and depravity that warrant the same end as I brought upon the Roman and many other Empires even utter and total destruction. Thus it is one mighty Nation is already falling as its treatment of the weak the homeless the refugee the immigrant and even its treatment of its own people neglecting their welfare and security in as far as the lack of adequate gun control reveal not because there is no desire to bring in legislation but because of the influence of the rich and powerful whose only concerns are their own pleasure comfort wealth luxurious living who have little or no regard for the welfare and safety of the ordinary people of their Nation even as concerning their children whose Judgment and punishment by My hand is well deserved and shall in the very near future be forth coming for as I stuck other parts of that Mighty Nation by whirlwind and fire so shall I also bring it down upon their heads if they do not turn from off their wicked and immoral and corrupt ways for as it says in My Word I am no respecter of persons mankind in Mine own eyes is divided into the righteous and unrighteous and both shall receive their reward that is their just Due at Judgment Day. But as concerning the Nations involved in the Syrian conflict that backed that evil and wicked regime I have Judged thee and shall punish all of the Nations especially a Mighty Nation that is to follow the fall of the first and nought it seeks to do will alter its demise by Mine own hand even the seek next to annex the whole of the Ukraine as it did the Crimea that if attempted not only will secure that Mighty Nations fall but also cause a major conflict that if escalated could involve many of the Western Nations especially in that region if that mighty Nation is allowed to annex that Nation without adequate opposition.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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