Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Host of Heaven creator of the Universe, saviour and redeemer this say I unto the UK that now in as far as thy negotiations in as far as Brexit is concerned thou has come to a cross roads one direction leads down the path of subjection and servitude to another Union of Nations that hath always had one attitude towards this Nation which is seen in the whole of the history of Europe this Union of Nations and is revealed most recently in its hard hearted treatment of the UK seen in the Negotiations and if this Nation had been as hard hearted and as determined with the EU these Negotiations would have lasted no more than but a few months to the EU this Nation to put it as thou would a soft touch a weak Nations easily; again as thou would put it; taken for a ride or lead down the garden path; but I say in what others consider this Nations weakness is its and My strength for I it is who take the weak and down trodden of the Earth to confound and put to shame the mightiest Nations of the Earth and so shall I do with this Nation if it believes and trusts in Me saith the Holy One of Israel. But now I say how are the mighty fallen how are the Mighty Nations of the Earth cast down unto the depths of the Earth to rise no more from the dust of the ground and have become a desolate land devoid of inhabitants cursed mighty Nations and peoples condemned by Me saith Holy One of Israel, yea ye who were once the pride of the Nations of the Earth garnered with all the riches and wealth of the Earth greater that many of the Empires of ancient times how art thou brought low and who is it that hath caused thee to fall even I saith the Lord God of the Hosts of Heaven for all of thy pride and arrogance corruption great wickedness and immorality and for the breaking of all of My Holy Commandments thou indeed who was once the greatest of the Nations of the Earth shall be no more and thee and all of thine inhabitants shall be cast out down and shall be as they that go down unto the bottomless pit having been Judge found wanting and condemned to walk no more upon the face of the Earth. Thus it is that as I have judged the Mighty Nations of the Earth and shall indeed cast all even all of the Mighty Nations of the Earth down unto the very depths of the bottomless pit/hell. But also it is that My wrath and anger hath arisen towards another that is not one Nation but is a Union of Many Nations of the Earth now it is that I shall Judge thee even according to My Holy Word. Law and commandments and if found in thee any great wickedness immorality corruptions and the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments then as I shall and have begun to cast down the Mighty arrogant proud Nations of the |Earth so shall I divide thy Union of Nations asunder each one shall then of themselves be by Me weighed in the balances of My Just Judgement and if found guilty of all manner of wickedness corruption immorality and the cruel treatment of My creatures and damage to the environment of the Earth then shall I as I shall cause to fall and be no more so shall I cause all of these Nations to fall even unto the dust of the ground to become even as those that go down to the bottomless pit/hell for all the Nations that obey not any and all of My Holy commandments teach for doctrines the commandments of mankind even the theories of thy scientists which are but theories not prove fact for thee because of rebellion and unbelief and disobedience to all of My Holy Laws and commandments there shall in Judgement be no mercy given even if pleaded for it is that I shall have mercy in Judgment upon all the humble and contrite and upright in heart who obey through faith all of My Holy Laws and commandments who see to the needs of the poor the starving the homeless the poverty stricken the war torn refugees and immigrants of the Earth who are willing to give shelter to the stranger within their doors who heal the sick aid the elderly the orphan and the helpless even the disabled of the Earth who provide for and protect all My creatures from all of those who would do them any and all harm who would care for and protect the environment from all and any pollution that seek also to protect also the oceans from pollution and seek to rectify the harm done by those who have no though for anyone or anything other than themselves whose end and destiny is assured and set by Me in stone.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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