Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation unto thee the Earth and the Universe and the fullness thereof is Mine and thus it is that now by My Holy Will and purposes I am now Judging all of the Nations of the Earth and once Judged those found to be wicked immoral corrupt and disobedient to all of My Holy Laws and commandments shall be punished for all are without excuse for upon all the hearts of mankind is written all of My Holy Laws and commandments for if not then they all would be as the beasts of the field neither knowing good or evil nor being righteous or unrighteous as are all of the creatures of the Earth and thus are innocent of committing any crimes or are disobedient to My Holy Laws and commandments but are given only the means to survive in all of their lives on Earth and unlike all of mankind they go out from Me and after death return unto Me and are blameless in all of their being and shall not therefore be brought before Me in Judgment. Not so mankind in their treatment of or I should say mistreatment of them for all crimes of mankind against My creatures though by Me made subject to mankind any of mankind who doth mistreats them shall not be held blameless but shall by Me be judged and punished by Me to full extent of My Holy Law they shall be judged when before Me as though they had committed the crime they have against one of My creatures against another innocent human being and I mean not the killing of creatures for survival or food but of cruelty and unwarranted violence and unnecessary killing of any creature for all life upon the Earth creatures or human beings are most precious and sacred in My sight thus one of My major commandments thou shalt not kill which as My Holy Law so puts forth in the words if any of mankind wilfully and cruel kill another human being their life is by Me forfeit and as My Law says so shall it come to pass even though mankind as ye have so put it in their Laws not so in Mine and any who do wilfully kill another human being are in danger of being cast out into outer darkness and into the bottomless pit and the lake of the fire of eternal torment forever for I shall not excuse any who wilfully break this commandment. Thus it is that I shall not only Judge any Nation or people for breaking any and all of My Holy laws and commandment but for all and any cruelty and unnecessary killing of any creature by what so ever means that are used and that also applies to any Nation people or business or company which by polluting of the environment doth cause harm or death of any of the creature of the seas or lands that includes waste cast into the seas and oceans that present danger or harm or death to any creature and it is that as I have set down all the crimes transgressions of mankind throughout all of the history of the earth in My Book of Judgment ready for to be read when all of mankind cometh to be Judged so also any cruel and malicious act that results in harming or unnecessary killing of any and all creatures shall be laid at the doors of those guilty of committing such crimes and none shall escape My Just Judgement who have committed such either against other human beings or of the creatures of land seas oceans or air from the smallest to the greatest and I shall not excuse either those in this day and age committing the crimes of destroying the environment for their own pleasure or profit they shall be Judged and shall be punished according to all of My Holy Laws and commandments as are so set down in My Word and written upon the hearts of every human being which hath been done so that none upon the Earth when they come before Me in Judgment can or shall have any excuse before Me for the breaking of My Holy Laws and commandments or for their crimes against the creatures or environment of the Earth which belongs unto Me saith the Lord God and redeemer and creator of all that is was and ever shall be. UPON BREXIT AS I HAVE SO ORDAINED SO SHALL IT COME TO PASS

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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