Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Host of heaven unto thee that as said thou art at a cross roads one road leading to subjection to a Union of Nations the other road leading to freedom, thus say I unto thee that indeed there are but only two roads to choose from not many and the other road leads not only to freedom from being bound to that Union of Nations without the possibility of being free from that Union in the future for no matter the EU governments promises that in the future they will on a unilateral basis agree at the appropriate time to not only discuss the UK leaving the backstop solution but giving the UK her freedom from that Union permanently with a progressive free trade deal in place they will never do so. From the very start the EU has had no intention of ever allowing the UK to leave the EU and have sought by any and all means of keeping the UK bound to the EU and have used the Irish Border the no Deal Brexit and the good Friday agreement as means to achieving their goal stating that without a solution to the Irish Board problem the good Friday agreement could collapse with the possibilities of troubles arising again from a hard border replacing the now open North South Irish Border Knowing full well that the UK does not want a return to the troubles that once plagued Northern Ireland and what the UK does not at any and all cost want is a no deal Brexit and until the UK government at the suggestion of the EU came up with the backstop solution the EU were stating that unless there was a solution to the Irish border question then the likelihood of a no deal Brexit was going to be the only road the UK was going to able to travel along in other Words right from the beginning in all of the Negotiations the attitude of the EU on the surface has been the only way that the UK is going to Leave is the EU’s way or no way and as the UK has rejected the EU’s way then the EU had virtually said then the UK is never going to leave the EU with any deal whatsoever and must suffer the consequences of a no deal Brexit and the good Friday agreement collapsing thus the present situation which is the choice now that the UK government and Parliament has to make a choice of the leaving the EU the EU’s way thus the backstop solution which is never as revealed by the EU stating that there is the possibility of the UK reversing Brexit and cancelling article fifty reveals the EU’s true intentions in all of the negotiations of trying to keep the UK in the EU by any and all means possible or leaving the EU the UK’s way which would obviously lead to a No deal Brexit as they state will happen this is all boiling down to but a choice of two options stating to the EU the deal they are offering is as said by many Parliamentarians unacceptable and rejected it but stating rather than leave without a deal the UK would be prepared to open to further negotiations so long as the EU was willing to put a unequivocal time limit on the backstop solution or drop it altogether of which there would be the distinct possibility of instant rejection by the EU. Then there is the only choice left a no deal Brexit of which the EU doesn’t want at any costs and the possibility of the EU facing a no deal Brexit which neither the EU or UK wants of which the only way of avoiding that on the EU’s part would be to offer to re-open negotiation and the possibility of a better deal if especially they as the UK fear a no deal Brexit. For then the EU would suffer the consequences of a no deal Brexit far more than the UK especially at this time more so than the UK would. There will be a period of instability but not as catastrophic as claimed by the financial and business sectors and when once overcome would result in the UK becoming one of the most prosperous and wealthiest Nations on Earth even by MY hand and they would be one of the main benefactors of that prosperity. But the warning does go out that the EU shall fall apart at the seams as great unrest gathers throughout the whole of the EU because of its unwillingness to reform or treat its member Nations with the respect and freedom from the bureaucracy that now exist in the EU they deserve for the EU has become a straight jacketed organisation unwilling to change with the times or reform its whole structure and in the end it will collapse and drag down the UK with it if the UK remains attached to the EU.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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