Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel and only true redeemer of mankind especially of the Holy People even the children of Israel. Unto all of the Nations I say unto thee that justice peace holiness righteousness and morality and the care of the need and the protection OF the creatures and environment and the rule of Law must be returned unto the Earth even the rule of My Holy Laws and Commandments and so shall it come to pass as shall as so said peace mercy morality true Justice and the Judgment and the Judging of all of the wicked immoral and the unrighteous of the Earth even of all the Governments of the Earth of which I shall if found corrupt immoral wicked and not meeting their sworn electoral duties and fulfilling to the letter all of their electoral promises of which if they have knowingly made those promises just to be elected without and intention or knowing there was never any possibility of them being able to fulfil the promises made to the people who voted them into office shall be Judged as deceivers and therefore shall be cast down and out of office either by their peers or by My Mighty right hand and even unto sheol if they sought to profit by their deception but and if they be those at the head of their governments or the Monarch or President of their Nations they to by the power of My right hand shall also be cast down and out of their place or position for it is that I am no respecter of persons and shall Judge all equally from the highest to the lowliest of mankind and as it is with not with all of mankind so is it so with Me for all races cultures and ethnic peoples of the Earth are Equal before Me and in My sight and shall be equally Judged by My Just Judgement for I shall in Judgment have mercy upon those whom I will have mercy and will punish whom I will punish if they are disobedient to or breakers of My Holy Laws and Commandments for My Will shall be done in all of the heavens and upon all of the Earth but it is as I AM THAT I AM the true and only Living God and creator of the Universe and Perfect in all of My Being so Am I perfect in My Just Judgment of mankind for in Me there is no shadow of turning and My Will of a certainty shall be done in all of the Earth even according to My Holy Laws and Commandments and as said afore shall have mercy upon whom I will have mercy and whom I Judge shall be Judge according even according to, as said, all of My Holy Laws and commandments. So as I have Judged and am Judging the Nations of the Earth so shall I Judge all the governments of the Earth all the political financial and business institutions and sectors of mankind even unto perfect for it is from Me nothing can be hidden and shall remain hidden even all the secrets of the hearts of mankind are an open book in MY SIGHT AND THE SIGHT OF ROACH HACKODESH WHOM THOU DOTH CALL THE HOLY SPIRT FOR HE IT IS THAT IS THE SPIRIT OF ALL TRUE AND THE SEARCHER OUT OF ALL LIARS AND DECEIVERSE OF MANKIND WHO FOLLOW AFTER THE FATHER OF LIES THE ADVERSAY SO THAT HE AND THEY MAY BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE IN THE FINAL JUDGMENT BEFORE MY JUDGMENT THRONE.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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