Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto the Nations of the Middle East even from the River Jordan unto the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman not only for the sins of two Nations in bringing about the situation that Now exist in the Yemen and other Nations in that region but of all the other Nations that in times past have supported the enemies of My People Israel. But as said most of all those Nations especially those that have supported both sides in the conflict in the Yemen one supporting the original Yemeni government and the other Nation that supported the rebels for if these two main Nations had not supported either side in the Yemen then the situation that now exists would never have done so, yea indeed there may have been conflict outbreaks against the government by various factions but not on the scale that resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians especial children of which My Wrath and anger hath arisen so must so that indeed all the Nations from the present border of Israel with Jordan to the Persian Gulf shall suffer My Wrath and anger not only for this conflict but especially the treatment of their own people especially innocent civilians and the past and present treatment of foreign visitors that have been used and accused of crimes of which they are not guilty of for political reasons especial two political prisoners of which one was released and the other still incarcerated both these Nations being involved in causing the devastation in Yemen thus it is that in My wrath and anger as promise I shall cause all of thy oil wells of those Nations to slowly dry up even of both of these Nations and shall indeed if necessary dry up the oil wells in Yemen of which the conflict between the backers of the Yemeni Government and the backers of the rebels is all about in the Yemen access to the Yemeni oil fields. Thus it is if the conflict in the Yemen does not end I shall as said strike all the oil fields therein and then if this does not cause an end to that conflict and immediate aid being supplied to the population of the Yemen by both supporting Nations then My swift terrible sharp sword shall strike all the Nations from the river Jordan to the Persian gulf and the gulf of Oman and shall drink the blood of the inhabitants of those Nations for from Me saith the Holy One of Israel in these last days My terrible swift sharp sword shall bring about a great slaughter in all of the Lands of those Nations by plague and famine disease and drought earthquake and volcanic activity and great storms from the desert and the seas around about and devastating floods upon all that have and still do cause the deaths of innocent civilians either by the bombing thereof or causing the deaths of a Nations infant population through starvation peace must be brought about immediately and aid supplied on a massive scale Just seeking a cease fire is not enough the conflict has to end now and aid supplied by all the Nations in that region.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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