Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation that the present UK Government Leader in their effort to seek re-assurances from the EU is not actually altering the terms and conditions of the Brexit Deal backstop provision that was put before Parliament and therefore no matter what assurances the Leader gains from the EU as Parliament is aware is not therefore legally binding and therefore the Leader of the present Government is virtually on a journey to nowhere and all their efforts are but an exercise in futility with the result that the same deal offered to Parliament shall be without question once more be put before parliament which means all that has been done in the Brexit negotiations will amount to a waste of time money and effort. If the Negotiations had been negotiated as they should have been the Negotiations would have been over long ago if the present Government had done as the EU has done stuck adamantly to its red lines the negotiations would only have lasted a few months and the UK would have left the EU already as it was as obvious as the nose on the UK Governments face that that the only deal that the EU was going to offer would benefit the EU and not the UK and that is exactly what the deal offered to the UK government reveals. The EU’s objective was when article fifty was activated was to make it as hard as possible for the UK to Leave the EU with a progressive beneficial deal all that the EU in these negotiations has offered the UK is promises promises and more promises and as said and as revealed in the present Brexit deal none of those promises have been delivered and by the compromises of the UK Government would if voted through parliament the EU would be getting exactly what it wanted and planned to get from the UK and what the EU government by its reaction to the UK parliaments vote rejecting the deal on offer is in effect frustrating their plans and no matter what they say on the inability of the EU to change any part in the negotiated deal if it as thou wouldst say it go to the wire and if what they say about wanting under any circumstances a no deal Brexit to happen; for they know it would do far more harm the EU’s economy than the UK’s; therefore the only option left was to alter the terms and conditions of the illegal backstop solution, if they are really were and are afraid of a no deal Brexit they will do so for as said the EU would suffer the most from a no deal Brexit and are they indeed willing to walk down that road. The only weak link in all of these negotiations is the Leader of the Present Government and their wiliness to compromise even though the EU was not willing to do so if the UK Leader had been as determined and as firm in sticking to the UK’s red lines as the EU was to theirs then the outcome of these negotiation would have come to an obvious conclusion, barring the EU changing or compromising on its read lines long ago. The EU by all that it has done in these negotiations is by hook or crook as thou wouldst put it try to stop the UK from ever leaving the EU and has used every trick in the book as thou wouldst also put it to do so, from scaremongering to using remainer business leaders bankers and politicians to persuade the UK to remain within the EU.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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