Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Host of Heaven unto thee as I said so have I done as set down in My Word I sent My messenger who stands in My presence before My Face before that great and terrible Day that is to come upon all of the Earth of which if not shortened no flesh should be saved thus have I sent My messenger even the messenger of the Covenant even he who is called Elijah to turn the hearts of the children of My People to their parents and the hearts of the Parent of My People to their children least I visited the Earth with a great curse for all the great wickedness immorality and the corruption that exists in all of the Governments of all the Nations of the Earth of which I have Judged and search out unto perfection and have found none righteous no not one thus by My Word through My messenger so shall all of My Word thus sent be fulfilled in all of the Earth, but say I unto My People think ye not that because thou art My people thou art excluded from My Judgement for all of thy breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments written and set down upon the stone the tablets that reside in the ARK Of MY COVENANT delivered by the hand of Mosher/Moses unto thee yea even as thou hast broken covenant with Me in the disobedience and the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and as I have Judge thee in the past and hath sent unto thee prophets and messengers to warn thee of consequence of thy rebellion and the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments and covenant breaking so now have I done as before which say unto thee that if thou repented not and turn from thy wicked and disobedient ways that My wrath and anger would be aroused against thee to do thee harm and as I have in times past sent thee into exile thus as said afore so will I not as promised not cast thee out of the land of Israel but because of thy following after the ways of the Nations of the Earth and because of all of thy wicked and rebellious disobedient ways in covenant breaking in the disobedience of all of the Laws and commandments set down therein I shall punish thee within the land by plague and famine and drought and disease and if thou then turn not back unto Me to obey all the Words of the Covenant and the Laws and commandments written down there in then the full fury of My wrath and anger shall be turned against thee to cause great destruction to befall thee but yet even so I shall preserve a remnant unto Myself who shall do My Will upon the Earth all of their Lives upon the Earth as is so done in My Kingdom of Heaven and they shall be they that shall raise up THE HOUSE TO MY HOLY NAME FOR IT SHALL BE THAT I SHALL SUROUND THEM AROUND ABOUT WITH MY PRESENCE T O PROTECT THEM FROM ALL WHO WOULD HARM THEM and My spirit shall be in them even Roach Hakodesh whom the Nations call the Holy Spirit and once their task is done in RAISING UP THE HOUSE TO MY NAME they shall be My witnesses to all the Nations of the Earth as concerning redemption through the blood of the only THE ONLY TRUE ETERNAL PASSOVER LAMBS BLOOD BY FAITH ALONE even as so set down in My Word. But it is throughout all of the Earth shall come upon all of mankind My great and dread full day wherein all the Nations of the Earth being judged shall suffer the full fury of My wrath and anger to destroy all the wicked of mankind and the Nations of the Earth.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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