Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Hosts of Heaven and all of creation unto thee as concerning the main objective of the EU in as far as Brexit is concerned as hath been revealed of late in its negotiations with the present UK Governments Leader in their failure to obtain a legal time limit being put in place on the Back stop of which they could have done if they really wanted to push through with all hast; which they claim to want to do; the present deal on the table proposed by the Leader of the Government to be voted on in UK parliament. In no way; it as said reveals; does EU want the UK to leave the EU and as afore said will do anything in its power to keep the UK in the EU why because of the present state that the EU is in virtually splitting apart at the seams losing its authority over certain member states that have been encouraged by the UK seeking to leave the EU and on the point of succeeding of which they are contemplating in doing so once the UK finally leaves the EU. If the EU was able to stop the UK leaving it would also discourage other member states following the UK of which the UK has no intentions of encouraging any other member states or Nations from following the UK. Thus if they did apply an amendment then all objections to the backstop would be quashed the Leader of the Government regaining their authority and the trust not only of their own Mp’s But of other parties also. But at the moment the only viable way that the UK can leave the EU is by a no deal Brexit as many in Parliament put it, crash out. The rescinding or delaying of article fifty or cancelling it altogether would cause massive unrest in the UK and possible riots on both sides of the divide and parliament would lose the trust of the people of whom all are already fed up with the way the present Government has conducted the Brexit negotiations which should already by now have been done and dusted as thou wouldst put it. But accepting the present proposed deal would be even worse because not only would the EU achieve its goal in keeping the UK in the EU no matter what they say to the contrary but would leave the UK without any say in the governing of the EU in other words the UK would be isolated and marginalised from the main EU government and parliament for an unknown period of time and unable to conclude any global trade deals or have regained true control of the UK’s destiny. The present intentions of the EU as stated by the Leader of the UK Government and the reassurances given by the EU leaders and their treatment of the UK’s Government are but a repeat of the EU’s treatment of the former leader of the Government but as thou wouldst put it and I also put it to thee the reassurances are of as much worth as the promises given to the former leader and the deal he brought back from the EU not worth a light or the paper they were written on. But mainly that the way to the bottomless pit/hell is paved with good intentions is this the path the EU government is on the path of good intentions empty promises and worthless assurances. Like as said unless the EU puts into place legal measures to reassure Parliament then the only deal is no deal. As Henry VIII would have put it if you’re going to leave, leave as he did hesitation only leads to disaster and a fall but do it wisely and boldly.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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