Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee as so said there are but two directions Brexit can go but they are only forward and a No Deal Brexit and Backwards into the EU there are absolutely no other directions one of the main reasons being the Backstop it has virtually killed off the deal put on the table by the Prime Minister more so because of the recent discussions with the EU to obtain concrete legal reassurances on the use of the Backstop agreement which has in total made the present draft treaty deal not worth the paper it’s written on because of one main point and that is if the EU and its member states had never any intention of implementing the backstop agreement then they would have had no problem in altering the draft treaty deal legally either by cutting it out of the Draft treaty altogether of by agreeing a time limit being applied to the Draft treaty so that the present deal on the table could have been agreed on by parliament. There are two implications in as far as their reluctance to alter the back stop agreement one is they never intended it to be ratified by parliament forcing the prospect of a no deal Brexit in the hope that would force the UK to change direction and return to full membership of the EU which they have by using every trick in the book tried to do, or two contrary to their claims of which cannot be trusted because of their past negotiating tactics use the backstop to keep the UK in the EU with out and real say in the is government of the EU and no way of negotiating a way for the UK to legally leave the EU for that is what the Backstop will impose on the UK the inability for the UK to fulfil its true destiny on the Worlds stage how can the UK legally leave the EU if the backstop restricts its ability to negotiate ending backstop and truly leaving the EU for as implied by agreeing to this deal the UK over both the implementation period the UK will virtually lose any say in how the UK is governed by its own government contrary to all the claims of the EU for the EU this deal is a win, win for the EU as thy government has put it and a lose, lose for the UK.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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