Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto all the Nations of the African continent from Algeria to the cape of good hope and from cape Verdi to Somalia shall all the Nations therein be punished most severely for the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and the wicked slaughter of all land and marine mammals whether or not they believe in Me. Thus say I all of the Universe and all that is in it the Galaxies the stars and the planets without exception are Mine especially the Earth and all upon it of the creatures thereof the insects the birds of the air the fish and the Land mammals and the marine mammals of the seas and oceans even the Sun and the Moon are Mine and all the planets of Earths solar system as thy scientists call it belong unto Me and none other and all that exist thereon are but temporary inhabitants especially all of mankind who are born by My Hand through the Union of a man and a woman in Marriage of which they become partners with Me in the bring into the World new life both male and female they become procreators with Me in the woman forms the egg and in the man the seed but it is when the two come together that I give the gift of life thus it is mankind is brought into the World lives out their lives and do pass from the Earth to come before Me but this say I once a human beings spirit is created by Me it can never be destroyed or obliterated from existence for all of mankind are created in My Image though cut off from Me by the fall they shall live forever either in the bottomless pit banished therein for ever having rejected the Messiah as their redeemer or before My throne being redeemed by the blood of the Passover Lamb the Messiah by Faith even IMMANUEL. But Mankind was created to be the chief of My creation to whom I placed into the hands of mankind the care and the responsibility for all of Earth’s environment and all the creatures of the Earth of which mankind after the fall began to neglect their God given responsibility even unto this day with the resultant state that the Earth the creatures and then environment is now in and hath incurred the full fury of My wrath and anger in that mankind has thus provoked Me so much so that the punishment of the Nations of the Earth shall now take place in the Judging and the punishing thereof unto perfection the final straws as thou wouldst put it being the present state that of Earth’s environment caused in the first part by mankind’s neglect of their responsibility and in the second the misuse of the Earth’s resources to the extent of decimating the creature population and causing the many diseases and illnesses that now plague mankind even the cruel slaughtering of land and marine mammals by mankind hath not done as much damage as has the miss usage of Earth’s resources uses to feed mankind’s greed and comfort not only at the expense of two thirds of mankind living in poverty but even at the expense of the Earths reduced ability to sustain to a high level the health of the present population of mankind rich or poor which in effect means that mankind now is in the processes of bringing about mankind’s own destruction and the destruction of all the creatures of the Earth which of necessity has to be reversed and by Me shall be to such an extent that I shall punish the Nations of mankind by the casting down unto destruction those Nations that refuse to turn from their wicked immoral disobedient and destructive ways. But it is that as afore said there are two mighty Nations that are about to fall one because of its refusal to turn from it wicked immoral disobedient ways breaking all of My More Holy Laws and Commandments and the taking none heed of all of the warnings as so set down in My Word and through My servants of the out pouring of My wrath and anger to the extent that they shall indeed go the way of all previous Mighty Nations Kingdoms and Empires that because of their wicked immoral corrupt and depraved ways after warnings sent forth I was forced to bring them down unto destruction so much so that their existence upon the Earth is only known by the remains of their Empires Nations and Kingdoms. As so shall it be with the four present Mighty Nations of the Earth at this time once fallen if they turn not and repent of their wickedness corruption and immorality and their disobedience of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments know ye this that their pride and arrogance and wicked and corrupt ways hath blinded their eyes to the inevitable destruction that awaits them by Mine own hand if they in deep humility and repentance open not their eyes and turn not from on the path that is leading them down unto destruction and the bottomless pit not Just their Governments but the whole of their Nation for My Wrath and Anger that shall befall then shall be with greater disaster than I have thus far brought down upon their heads. For it is that I have hell back the full fury of My wrath and anger in the hope they would turn but thus far all of My warning have fell upon deaf ears blind eyes and hard hearts so it is as it is written so shall it come to pass as so set down in My Word according to the punishment required by My Holy Laws and commandment that should befall all who are disobedient to and do break all of them.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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