Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even the Holy One of Israel as concerning the present British Prime Minister arrogant claim that parliaments rejection of the Prime Ministers Brexit deal negotiated and accepted by the EU would jeopardise British democracy it’s not a rejection of the Prime Ministers Brexit deal that would Jeopardise British democracy but an acceptance of Prime Ministers Brexit deal that would indeed jeopardise British democracy as afore said unless either the Backstop is taken out completely of the treaty that the EU states it will not renegotiate or a set time limit placed upon the Backstop for the Backstop leave the UK if accepted no matter what assurances are given at the mercy of the EU. For as the EU is well aware there is only one real solution to the Irish Border Question and none other and that is Northern Ireland’s membership of the EU continuing which unacceptable to Parliament and the Majority if not all of the British Government therefore there remains if the Prime Ministers deal is voted down as it will be a No Deal Brexit or staying in the EU the latter of which the UK has to be wary of for if there is no desire for a No Deal Brexit and the referendum vote is over turned and the Government seeks to remain within the EU what are the terms and conditions that the EU will require for continued Membership which will not be the same as the former terms and conditions for the EU will seek; no matter what it says to the contrary for the EU will never forget Britain’s attempt to leave the EU; for the UK’s renewed membership terms and conditions that will bind the UK closer to the EU than ever before of which it will seek legal assurances that the UK will in the future never again seek to leave the EU in other word there will be a virtual legal straight jacket of terms and conditions for renewed membership that will be in effect be the EU’s punishment for the UK ever daring to seek to leave the EU. But not only shall the British government suffer at the hands of the EU but also at the hands of the British people for overturning the Brexit Referendum vote will be seen as a betrayal of British democracy and a betrayal of the British people who will never ever again trust the Government nor Parliament and which also could provoke such mass riots and protests as have been seen in France and other western democracies for their governments corrupt policies placing unbearable burdens upon their general populations what has to be remembered is that any government without the Backing of the People of Nation cannot and will not continue to Govern any country as the past French revolution proved.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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