Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I unto thee saith the Lord God of the whole of creation of all that is was and ever shall be as concerning the Brexit deal being offered to and voted on by Parliament by the Prime Minister as the only deal on the table that the EU is willing to offer the UK as set down in the treaty negotiated by the Prime Minister and the EU government. There is fundamental questions to be answered in as far as the Brexit treaty deal is concerned which is, is it a democratic treaty and the answer must be no for it seeks to deny or take away by agreement a Nations democratic rights and freedoms of self governance by the imposition of the Backstop solution concerning the Irish Border question in that until the Irish Border question is resolved if Britain accepts the Brexit treaty deal the backstop without a time limit shall remain in place and that the UK has to remain with the backstop until the Irish Border question is resolved if it is not resolved then if the UK wishes to void the Backstop it must be by a Unilateral agreement with the EU, meaning until the EU agrees that the UK can leave it must adhere to the backstop thus the undemocratic nature of the backstop in that it restricts the democratic rights and freedoms of the UK’s right to Govern itself meaning that the UK is subject to the EU government and EU courts of Justice until the Irish Border question is resolved which virtually means that the UK is not a free self governing Nation until the EU says so. But then the question must be how can the Irish Border question be resolved to the satisfaction of the Irish Government the EU and the UK there is no solution that will satisfy the EU the Irish Government and the UK unless the UK gives up Northern Ireland and that Northern Ireland stays within the EU or is re-united with Southern Ireland, though neither the Irish Government or the EU is willing to state to them that is the only solution they will accept and the UK will find that out when it has exhausted all solution suggestions that will be reject by both the EU and Ireland. But there is one other matter the reversal of Brexit and the terms and conditions required for renewed EU membership if Article fifty is withdrawn of which the EU will certainly want to impose on the UK. But apart from that if Brexit for any reason is reversed it will be for the UK a humiliating Brexit catastrophe not only in as far as the Members of the EU are concerned but it will make Britain the laughing stock of the global trading and finance community. Which only leaves one path for the UK to take in as far as Brexit is concerned and everyone knows what that is for loosing face in the eyes of the Nations of the World and being tied to a Brexit deal from which there is no escape neither of which are acceptable to British Nation and people.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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