Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even Adonai Elohim Tzva-‘ot unto thee of the Nations as concerning the Middle East and of North Africa that it is indeed as afore I said that the Middle East is a powder keg that is ready to explode and all that was required was for the fuse thereof to be lit as so it was that the fuse was lit by the actions of the Syrian Leader and his allies especial Russia which sought to extend its influence in the Middle East by supporting in the Syrian Civil war the regime in power and with Russia becoming involved and America and western Nations supporting the rebels Iran and other terrorist groups also became involved in support of the Syrian regime against the rebels and their western allies thus creating the horrendous civilian catastrophe that came about causing the civilian population that survived the horrors of that civil war to flee and become refugees in other lands and on the borders of countries bordering Syria. The Powder Keg of the Middle East and parts of North Africa that is about to explode is the coming conflict that will involve all the Nations of the Middle East two of which are now taking place one in Yemen and the ongoing conflict in Syria which shall escalate beyond the Syrian Border for the Syrian Leaders claim of his victory over the rebels and Islamic state will be short lived and the so called mopping up process is going to take longer that he anticipated but his problem of regaining control of Syria will not end with the Rebels and Islamic state but continue when he seeks to eject from Northern Syria the Kurds and persuade Turkey to hand back the territory it now occupies in seek to remove the Kurds from the Syria Turkey border of which Turkey will refuse to do so unless the Kurds are pushed back from Syria and no longer threaten in as far as the Turkish president is concerned Turkeys security. This will lead to the Syrian Leader threatening turkey if it does not give back the territory it now posses to Syria, Syria will seek if necessary with the backing of Russia and Iran to force Turkey out of Syria escalating the tension between the two Nations but even if Turkey does relinquish its hold on the Syrian Territory it now possesses Syria will still have the Kurds to deal with thus also with the Islamic state threat still hanging over Syria America will be unable to pull its forces out of Syria for fear of Islamic state regaining a foothold in the Middle East and that if it America does pull out of Syria and the Middle East Russia will have a greater influence in the Middle Eastern affairs than America does. The powder keg of the middle east with tensions increasing between Syria Russia Iran Turkey and the Kurds it will finally turn into a major conflict between Syria turkey and the Kurds which will spill over into Iraq and other surrounding Nations including Afghanistan and Israel therefore Russia and America will be unable extricate themselves from the resultant conflict thus it shall be that an unavoidable major Middle Eastern war will develop from the resultant conflict. Thus it is that the only way of stopping the Middle Eastern Powder keg from exploding is for peaceful negotiations between all the Nations in the region to resolve the Syrian Turkey Kurdish problem without resorting to force for if all resort to force as tensions escalate and reason as thou sayest it flies out of the window as so to speak the then the devastation and destruction that will follow will make the Syrian civil war seem as thou sayest it like unto a garden party in comparison. Not one Nation in the Middle East and North Africa will remain unaffected by the resultant conflict that shall of a certainty come to pass.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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