Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel even Adonai Elohim Tzva-‘ot the creator of the Universe of which I hold in the palm of My hand and I AM THAT I AM, am the creator of all that in it exists but especially the Jewel of My Creation the Earth and of mankind that was before they fell the Chief of My creation and the sheep of My pasture in My Garden of Eden until their fall. Thus saith THE LORD GOD OF THE HOST OF HEAVEN AND THE HEAVEN OF HEAVENS also the creator of all of the creatures that live and move and have their being upon the face of the Earth and in the waters and in the air and of the environment of which is now being destroyed by the fallen chief of My creation into whose hands I placed the responsibility for the care and protection and the up keep thereof who hath failed in the responsibility of their stewardship not only for the care and protection of the environment but for the care of all the creatures of land seas and oceans and the air of which I have warned many times of the consequences of their failure to meet the duties and responsibility of their stewardship for the care of creatures and environment of My creation of which now the Nations of mankind are to suffer the consequences of which have been and shall be the descending upon the Nations guilty of failing in their responsibility the full fiery furnace of My wrath and anger to come and in the disasters now befalling them of which shall continue until all are Justly punished for all of their crimes against the creatures and the environment of the Earth and for their crimes in the breaking of all of My Most Holy Laws and Commandments especially shall My wrath and anger descend upon four of the Mightiest Nations of the Earth of which I have afore time warned that My wrath and anger shall descend upon them in the form of My Swift Terrible Sharp Sword which shall descend upon these Nations to destroy them from off the face of the Earth one by one thus it is that upon the first mighty Nation to fall shall the terrible sharp sword of My wrath and anger even down unto the dust and the ground never more to be seen upon the Earth and the second shall follow on shortly thereafter as shall the falling thereof of all of the unrighteous wicked corrupt rebellious Nations even they who have and do break all of My Holy Laws and commandments. Thus the full fury of My wrath and anger now descending upon the Western Nations shall continue until all have been punished according to all of My Holy Laws and Commandments as set down in My Most Holy Word. For it is I that do raise upon one Nation and cast down another even raising up the righteous Nations of the Earth in peace and prosperity being surrounded about by My presence and the casting down of the wicked, immoral, corrupt and rebellious Nations those Nations that do murder rape persecute their own people no matter their ethnicity causing them to flee in terror their own homes and villages knowing full well if they flee not that they and their families will be destroyed by their own Governments security forces especially those Nations of the Americas and the far East that do commit these atrocities. They all shall not go unpunished for all of their crimes for though these Nations can escape human Justice none guilty of these crimes can and shall escape My Justice and My Judgment and the punishment thereof both in this life and the life to come even on the day not long off the Judgment day of which the signs are now upon the face of all of the Earth the night is ending twilight is upon the Earth and dawn approaches all things as so ordained to come to pass upon the Earth shall be fulfilled even unto perfection then shall the living and the dead be called forth to stand before My throne in My presence to be Justly Judged.

this is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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