Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God and redeemer of all of the Holy People and mankind that belong unto Me and have been redeemed by the blood of the true Eternal Passover Lamb even the only true Messiah. Thus say I unto thee because of the mess Brexit negotiations are in which hath divided this Nation so much so that if left to Parliament and the present Government will tear this Nation apart in that the present dead on the table presented to be voted on in Parliament is undemocratic in every way shape or form for it voids the democratic freedoms and rights of a Nation of self government in that it makes if agreed on and sign a Nation subjected no matter the period of time to the Government Laws and Courts of Justice of another Nation or even a Union of Nations government. The cancelling of Brexit and the revoking of article fifty also places the UK subject to the government of another Nation of Nations of which the people of the UK voted to leave in a referendum wishing to renew their democratic freedoms and rights of self government which if frustrated could and would lead to a Nation outcry but the calling for a new referendum or a peoples vote calls into question the legality and veracity of the first referendum pandering the desires of the remainers who wish to by tied to the yoke of the EU. Aborting Brexit will also lead to a Nation outcry and a call for the present government to stand down and one to take its place having a strong determined leader willing to lay the law down in any re-negotiations over Brexit with the EU to deliver not only a Brexit that benefits the EU alone and not the UK as the present negotiated treaty does and pointing out that a treaty negotiated to benefit the EU alone will lead to a no deal Brexit that will harm the EU far more than it will the UK as the UK is the closest and the main Nation that the EU trades with. Also that unless the EU can come up with a viable plan for sorting out the Irish Border question the only option for the UK is a hard border which neither side want but is mainly an EU and not a UK problem. Thus it is at the moment parliament is in deadlock and going nowhere and as there is in parliament no strong determined leader willing to take control of Brexit and lay down the law and face up to the bullies of the EU and take on the business finance leaders and politicians bent on trying to scaremonger the UK into accepting its Brexit deal I have thus set and ordained a course for Brexit to take which shall and cannot be altered nor frustrated in any way whatsoever that will benefit the United Kingdom more than it will the EU and also because of the attitude of the EU towards Britain and the British the punishment for their sins and transgression thus already descended shall continue until the EU government learns that it is I that all the Nations of the Earth have to deal with for their sins crimes and transgressions past present and future which shall in no way go unpunished. Humility is the lesson that the EU has and must learn if it is to prosper and not perish.

This the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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