Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God and redeemer of mankind even all of those who from every Land and Nation that have been and shall be redeemed by the only true Eternal Passover Lamb even the Messiah thus say I unto this land and Nation because of the mess Brexit negotiations were in which hath divided this Nation so much so that if left to Parliament and the present Government will tear this Nation apart in that the Brexit deal that has been voted on and rejected by parliament which was undemocratic in as said every way shape and form because it took away the democratic freedoms and rights of a Nation to be governed by its own Government elected and entrusted by the people to govern their Nation on their behalf. The people of a Nation are not the servants of the Government but the Government is the servants of the people they have been elected to SERVE for their benefit security and prosperity and if any government cannot govern as so entrusted to do so should stand down and be replaced by a government that can. Thus the people of this Nation voted to just leave the EU by referendum vote of which there was but two questions on the ballot paper leave or remain in the EU nothing else was asked of the electorate of the UK no if’s and’s buts or ors of which this government has undeniable failed to deliver right from the start for the EU set down right at the start its red lines from which it would not and has not budged one iota and that signified that if the UK was determined to leave it would be on its terms with no benefit to the UK and of which thus far it has delivered on no matter how the UK has sought to change its mind seeking ever by any means whatsoever to frustrate the UK leaving the EU of which the present deal voted on and voted down bears testimony to. But Now the course and path for the UK to leave the EU are limited either Parliament changes its mind and accepts the Prime Ministers deal as is or a No deal Brexit and as said if Brexit is cancelled and the UK seeks to return to full membership of the EU there will be consequences in as far as the reputation of the UK is concerned that will make the UK a laughing stock in the eyes of the World but he UK will have to agree to the terms and conditions set down by the UK if wanting to return to full membership of the EU if the UK government thinks that if it seeks to return to full membership that the EU government will not seek to punish the UK in any way it can for ever even considering leaving the EU the UK will sadly be mistaken there will be penalties for the trouble the UK has put the EU to in the two year plus negotiations in other words contributions to the EU coffers will be significantly increased and other restrictions placed in as far as agreeing never again to attempt to leave the EU even if the EU government states to the contrary that this will not happen it will. A change of Government as proposed by the governments opposition party will change nothing as said the deal on the table is the only deal and it will not agree to further Negotiations for another deal better than the one on offer as it has said this is the only deal. A further referendum will if it is at all possible will yield the same result and further divide the country and parliament. Also a peoples vote will not alter the EU’s position on any deal for the UK leaving or seeking to remain within the EU it will be on its terms and conditions and none other. But as said the vote was to leave and that has to be and shall be by Me saith the Lord God delivered even as afore said I would do, deliver a Brexit so ordained by Me that the UK deserves and not wants. Right from the start as said the EU had laid down its red lines and stated that it would in no way cross those red lines that would benefit the UK in any way equal or better that the members of the EU then the UK government should have taken note and yea attempted to negotiate a beneficial deal for the UK but on being frustrated at every turn and given false promised revealing that the EU had every intention on offering a deal that would only benefit the EU and not the UK the UK government should have terminated negotiations straight away and warned the EU it had every intention of leaving the EU without a deal seeing that the EU was unwilling to compromise and seeking all the time to evade fulfilling its promise to negotiate and sign up to a beneficial progressive trade deal. This government must have been blind to the fact that this deal that gave nothing but took everything from the UK the thirty nine billion agreed that the UK should never have agreed to give the EU and the democratic freedoms and rights of self government in the transition period as well as the backstop which could potentially bind the UK without any say or vote in the EU Parliament and have no right and say in leaving the backstop without agreement from the EU in fact by agreeing to this deal or any deal like it would make the UK a slave Nation.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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