Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel and the only true redeemer of mankind and the Holy People of all of Israel unto thee of this Nation I say that the Governments Parliamentary confidence vote indeed was fairly won but as revealed was ungraciously welcomed by the opposition party Leader as was expected. But the main problem is that all the parties in Parliament are looking at the Brexit problem from their point of view and not taking into account that there are two sides to Brexit the UK’s and the EU’s of which the EU is adamant that the only way that the UK can leave the EU is the EU’s way according to the deal as presented and rejected by an over whelming parliamentary vote or no way meaning a No Deal Brexit as for a peoples vote and the rescinding of article fifty or even contemplating taking the UK through another referendum that would be Nationally divisive in every way and in fact would result in a greater majority voting to leave because of the EU’s attitude in the Negotiations towards the United Kingdom and its Government right from the start it has always been the attitude of the EU that if the UK persisted in Leaving the EU that it would seek to punish the UK in any way it could for even thinking never mind voting to leave the EU as was seen in the result of the previous Prime Ministers negotiation which provoke him to call a referendum. The UK parliament is so set on seeking to frustrate what the UK voted on in the referendum that it has forgotten the EU’s side and is as a blinkered horse only seeing one side of Brexit its own as said right from the start the EU has set down its red lines and said that it would in no way cross its red lines and as also stated in effect if the UK wants to leave the only way it can leave is its way or no way which means a no deal Brexit which is reflected in the deal offered by the Prime Minister. Time and time again it has said it would not renegotiate the Brexit deal on the table which I repeat means the only other deal would accept if the UK rejects its deal or its terms and conditions for the UK returning to full membership is a no deal Brexit no matter what it says to the contrary. The EU as said has already set in place plans for a no deal Brexit and they are not just contingency plans either once they got the results of the Parliamentary vote on the deal offered and even before expecting that their Brexit deal would be reject went full tilt into preparing for a no Deal Brexit which will now in their minds will happen no matter what and if the Parliamentary parties are expecting the EU to terminate article fifty and a return of the UK to full membership without strict terms and condition attached returning the UK to full membership as it was before Brexit began then Parliament had better think again the terms and conditions that would be attached for returning to full membership would be equally as unacceptable as the present Brexit deal is. Plus what Parliament has to consider is the legal aspects of the referendum vote result that a no deal Brexit as voted on by the UK public would be the Brexit default position on the twenty ninth of March. That also no matter what the UK government decides on the action it will seek to take on Brexit if the EU does not agree to rescind or extend article fifty it cannot do so without the UK Governments approval which is by parliamentary law legal and binding also the EU has set its terms and conditions as said for a viable Brexit Deal Brexit and will not alter it in any way plus it has already set its terms and conditions for the UK to remain and as said again the only option left for Brexit is either the EU’s way or no way meaning a No deal Brexit. But besides all of this saith the Lord God of the whole of creation the path set from Brexit as ordained by Me shall not and cannot be altered in any way whatsoever for what I ordain of a certainty will come to pass upon the Earth and in the Nation so ordained the UK of a certainty will get the Brexit it deserves as afore said not the one it wants which will be according to the British referendum vote result strictly adhered to.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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