Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation who speaks and it comes to pass commands and it is so, the course and path is set and hath been ordained for this Nation to walk upon in as far as Brexit is concerned there is and shall be none other thus say I unto thee unless all the divisions in parliament and in the government and the country as a whole cease this Nation will split apart and fall, all have to come together to be united as one whole Nation with one common cause in their hearts the prosperity health and welfare of this Nation it people its Government and its Parliament and then no matter what disasters calamities storms both physical and spiritual this Nation has to face it shall not fall it shall not fail in any way shape or form it will weather all that is to come upon the Earth and will emerge triumphant over all that is about to strike all the Nations of the Earth but and if it remains divided then no matter what it will first be split apart and then one by one shall all the Nations of the United Kingdom shall fail and fall down unto the dust of the ground unity is strength and success division leads to weakness and failure and a fall if a Nation or Union of Nations are United then they cannot fall no matter what. But I say this as afore said two mighty Nations are about to fall and another is already as afore said is in the process of falling because of not only the division in Government and the Nations because of the main cause of the division being as said before its Leaders. But not only is it falling because of division in its Nation its government and its Leaders but because of corruption immorality great wickedness and the breaking of all of My Most Holy Laws and Commandments that exist in all of that Nation also from the lack of meet the needs of its people in as far as the homeless the sick the disabled the elderly the orphan and the strangers within its borders also the Isolationism that exist in that Nation seeing all other Nations and their people as enemies who are constantly seeking to rob the Nation or as their leaders say rip them off. Not so, but in as far as the wall the Leader of that Nation is seeking to build will not only have an adverse effect upon its South American neighbours but also on its Northern neighbour and the Islands of the Caribbean but apart from that even if it was built would and will prove totally ineffective in keeping out refugees and migrants who will find another way of entering that Nation as is already happening. The only way a wall would keep illegal migrants and refugees out would to build a wall round the whole of that Nation and even then would prove ineffective as the Great Wall of China proved when it was conquered by Genghis Khans. Thus say I all Nations which seek to turn away genuine refugees in need of shelter because of civil war or persecution or even because of starvation and poverty shall be by Me saith the Lord God condemned and shall suffer My wrath and anger for those who have mercy on those people I shall have mercy on and those who have a hard heart towards them shall by My hand suffer famine drought pestilence and disease I shall cause them to suffer as the refugees and migrants have suffered.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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