Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God He who was is and ever shall be unto all the Nations especially the mighty Nations of mankind I say unto thee that the present global economic decline is nothing towards that which is to strike by My Hand all the Nations of the Earth because of the corruption great wickedness immorality destruction of the environment and the unnecessary slaughter of the creatures of the Earth especially Land and Marine mammals of which I shall no longer tolerate especially the breaking of all of My Most Holy Laws and Commandments for this decline shall be such that the first Nations to suffer of which some are already doing so even two of the Mighty Nations of the Earth which will be one of the main cause of their fall from which they will never recover but not only will it devastate these two mighty Nations But many others also so must so that this present civilization and generation shall face such an economic catastrophe that has never afore struck the Nations of the Earth until now. Thus saith the Lord God and creator of mankind I have given all Nations of the Earth and their Governments every chance to turn from their great wickedness immorality corruption and the wicked cruel treatment of their people even of many of the Earths Nation that do so treat their people thus say I no longer shall this continue for I say unto those Nations who so treat their people they shall be the first to suffer the full out pouring of My wrath and anger especial all of those who wickedly and cruelly treat and abandon the children of their Nation. I have given every Nation on Earth ample warning of My wrath to come of which few or none have heeded in any way whatsoever thus their blood shall be on their own heads they shall have no excuse whatsoever when they come before Me and soon very soon that shall come to pass. But this I say two mighty Nations are guilty of crimes against their people that shall not escape My Just Judgment descending upon them full measure first in this Life; the Governments of these Nations know who they are; and then in the Life here after as ye call it when all come before Me to be Judged punished and condemned even all of the wicked of the Earth and especial cruel corrupt wicked and perverse Governments who have no care or thought for the welfare of their people only for themselves and their own these first shall I indeed pour out full measure upon their heads the full fury of My wrath and anger and then upon all the wicked immoral corrupt and disobedient people of all the Nations of the Earth well have all been warned of that which is to come as so said remember and read concerning the virgins with lamps in My Word even those who prepared not properly by taking extra oil with them for the bridegrooms coming, so are they of this generation and civilization who have been deaf to the warnings given the sign of the times and blind to the warnings in My Word of the coming Judgment day that is even now at the door ready to enter there in when all shall indeed come before Me to be Judged the unrighteous and wicked to be punished and condemned and the righteous to ascend even to My right hand forever.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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