Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even the only true eternal redeemer and saviour unto thee as concerning the whole of industrial corporations, manufacturing Industry and Big business seeking to blackmail Britain by their threats; for that is what they are threats and blackmail; into staying within in the EU thus I could use one of thine own sayings only rats desert a sinking ship and that is what in effect these companies, big businesses and industrial corporations are like unto rats deserting what they in effect are saying Britain will become if it continues on the path it’s on a sinking ship if it hits the no deal Brexit reef the problem with these rats to use the sinking ships to typify the way they are looking at Britain if there is a no deal Brexit these rats anticipating that the ship they are on if it continues on the course it’s on is heading for disaster by hitting a reef and seeing another ship close by abandon the ship they believe is heading for the reef and swim over to the other ship the SSEU thinking that they will be safe and secure on that ship but when they see the ship they abandoned avoids hitting the reef and the ship they are on suddenly hits the same reef the other ship was heading for which they thought the ship they are now on would avoid the reef and instead of avoiding the reef hits it and sinks then it’s to late and the rats perish along with the ship they thought would avoid hitting the reef. Big business finance and the big industrial corporations don’t care about Britain and its people only their self interests which is their profit margins their bank balances their standard of living and comfortable lives and if they can use their work force as leverage to achieve their objectives they will do so, as they will also do without a qualm sack or make redundant their work force as many firms have done and move to another country if it lowers their overall wage bill increases their profit margin and swell their bank balance which is what many firm did when they moved to China, they are not patriots they are not Nationalists they are Capitalist and their god is money fame and fortune the worship of which will lead to their downfall. But China’s bubble is bursting and if the Chinese economy goes into free fall what happens to the firms and corporations that saw china as to put it in thy language the goose that laid the golden egg and turns out to be not only an ordinary egg but a bad egg for those firms its too late they will fall along and as thou sayest it go bust along with Chinas economy and as they care not about others none will care about them only saying they got what they deserved. But Brexit is not about big business finance industry or big corporations and conglomerates they rise and fall in as far as the course of history is concerned in but an instant of time as thy saying goes here today gone tomorrow and are soon forgotten and the way the economy of the EU is going and going to go Britain; even if there is a no deal Brexit; as thou wouldst say it is still going to have the last laugh.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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