Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee of the Nations of the Earth even the saviour redeemer and creator of mankind and the whole of creation thus said I that I shall strike first two mighty Nations of the Earth already suffering from economic decline with an catastrophic unprecedented economic catastrophe such as never afore seen upon the face of the Earth because of the great wickedness immorality corruption the destruction of their environment and the unnecessary cruel slaughtering of the creatures of the Earth and also their lack of meet the needs of their civilian population even one that virtually treats the poor down trodden needy of its population as slaves and others that protest against this treatment it silences them by cruel imprisonment. But it is that not only shall these two mighty Nations shall I strike but others also that are wicked and corrupt cess pits of iniquity and evil who do truly cruel treat their people these shall not only suffer an economic catastrophe but I shall rain down upon the heads of those Governments who so treat their people death and destruction by whirlwind and fire most surely they shall feel the heat of My anger and wrath so descending upon them these Governments shall be cast down unto the dust of the ground even unto sheol forever now and in the life to come. The first of the Mighty Nations then that I shall so strike is China then America and the EU which is though it admits it not has at the moment an economic crisis on its hands as revealed in the actions of its member states especially in as far as Brexit is concerned who will suffer the most if a no deal Brexit occurs especial three whose main export market is the UK and one the employment of migrant workers. Then shall I strike full measure Russia even all of the Nations that are a part of its federation and many of the South American National Governments because of corruption the mistreatment of their people especially the weak sick and needy who care or thought for their environment and the welfare of the creatures of their Nations. But the repercussions of this global economic crisis or catastrophe will be felt worldwide. Thus say I there shall not remain unaffected any one Nation over all of the Earth for thus far have I not found one righteous Nation upon the Face of the Earth. Thus as so said I would do unto all the Nations of the African continent and their governments so shall I indeed do especially at this time the Nations of North Africa. But say I unto thee of all the Nations of the Earth that the main cause of the pouring out of My wrath and anger by whirlwind and fire Earthquake and volcanic eruptions pestilence drought plague and famine and the striking of the Nations of the Earth as so said by a catastrophic economic disaster that shall cause to descend upon all the Nations of the is first the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments by all of the Nations upon the face of the Earth there is as said afore not one righteous Nation no not one for if there had been even as with Sodom and Gomorrah one righteous person in those cities they would not have suffer the out pouring of My wrath and anger and perished neither would My wrath and anger be poured out upon all of the Nations of the Earth as it so shall be even at this time every Nation would have been given the chance to turn from their wicked rebellious ways in the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments and repent and plead for forgiveness when mercy is offer and upon so doing be blessed by Me and prospered in all of their endeavours upon the face of the Earth. But there is not only the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments but the treatment of the Earth’s environment and the cruel slaughter of creatures of the Earth for which punishment is due and shall be forth coming. But more so the cruel wicked immoral treatment of that part of humanity that is so precious in My sight by every Nation upon the face of the Earth even at this time even the children of all Nations for those Nations there shall be from Me no mercy now and when they all come before Me at Judgment day.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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