Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee even the only true eternal redeemer and saviour of all of the Holy People and of Mankind that the situation in Venezuela has reach a point where civil war in that Nation could easily break out and with a Regime and Leader in power that is like unto that in Syria or that of the Yemen the question is, is Venezuela going to end up being another Syria or another Yemen which it will if Russia and its allies get involved for Russia is after one thing oil and Venezuela is an oil rich Nation if it had not have been Russia or any other Nation would have kept quiet and if it can acquire oil in payment for its support it will get involved and the same catastrophic events and horrors that came to pass in Syria will most surely happen in that Nation but the question is with all the rhetoric of the Security council now being voiced will the International Community do what it did with Syria just stand or sit on the sidelines and watch whilst that regime and its leader devastate that Nation as did the Leader of Syria these two as thou wouldst put it are like unto two peas in a pod both fanatical cruel tyrants who will use any and all means to achieve their goal which includes slaughtering their own people or causing them to flee as already many have done so. Think not that this Regime and President will stand down he will not and if Russia or any other Nation comes to that cruel tyrannical Regimes aid how hard will it be for the international democratic community of Nations be able to get rid of that regime and return it to becoming once more a truly democratic Nation having a government Elected by the people of that Nation without getting involved in an international conflict. Sooner or later the people of that Nation will rebel which will inevitably escalate into civil war. What in reality should have happened is when the international community became aware of the crisis caused by its Government developing in Venezuela it should have got involved the signs of which were in plain sight thousands fleeing the country because they were facing starvation because of hyper inflation caused by the Government. The question is, is the international community acting a little too late for make no mistake what happened in Syria because of its regime will happen in Venezuela if it cannot be stopped is in reality the international all words no action in defence of the civilian population of Venezuela stopping the situation getting out of hand and beyond control in that Nation before it does so.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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