Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Host of Heaven even the Holy One of Israel unto thee what have two civil wars and one in the process of developing got in common and would if there was not this common dominating factor involved would any of the Nations backing either the Regimes in government or the opposition got involved in the first place and what would happen with all of these backing Nations if suddenly the common dominating factor disappeared and what is the common dominating factor of which I say; as thou wouldst put it; is as obvious as the nose on thy faces these are all oil rich Nations. Thus in the case of Venezuela are the Russians seeking to back the Venezuela Regime in Government because it is an oil rich country with the prospects of Russia being able to gain access to the oil at a relative reduced price if it is willing to back the Venezuelan Government and then the same question must be asked of the opposition movement and its Leader claiming to be the interim President are the International Nations that recognised him as the interim President only doing so with intentions of getting access to the Nations oil supplies. Then the question must be asked if there was no oil there in the first place would the situation have now arisen as it has done so if there had been no oil in Venezuela in the first place and what would happen if suddenly saith the Lord God if I caused the oil to disappear would Russia and the international Nations just as suddenly become uninterested in that Country. Then the same must be asked of the situation in Yemen would the Nation backing the Government and the Nation backing the opposition and the terrorist groups if the oil suddenly disappear become uninterested in Yemen its Government and the opposition. Then the question must be asked as concerning Syria if it had not been an oil rich Nation would the civil war have ever come to pass in Syria and if it had would Russia then have got involved in that civil or would Islamic state have sought to turn both Syria and Iraq into a caliphate and the American and western Nations back the rebels groups the answer to all of these questions have but one answer if there had been no oil in the first place the situation in all of these Nations would not be as it is at the present time. The question must then be asked should I for the civilian populations sake cause the oil in all of these Nations to vanish what think ye is My answer to this question.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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