Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee in as far as Brexit is concerned that there is but one way only for the United Kingdom to leave the EU that fulfils the promise of Parliament to adhere to the wishes of the British publics referendum vote and at the outset I say unto thee if THIS Government and Parliament doth not fulfil the promise given to the British people of leaving the EU as voted for then there will such an upheaval in the United Kingdom as hath not been seen since the beginning of the industrial revolution. The aims and ambitions of the EU contrary to their claims is to seek to force the United Kingdom back into the EU of which if those who voted to remain get their way will make sure that happens as hath been revealed by the many amendments put forward in Parliament especially the ones concerning the No Deal Brexit of which the CBI is afraid of mainly; which is totally contrary to the actual of the outcome of a no deal Brexit; because of the effect it would have on the British Business industry but more importantly upon their Bank balances their profit margins and their lifestyles to them the general public matters not only their businesses. But what is their real fear the fear of stepping out into the unknown and out of their comfort zone and the security and stability of the EU where they believe if the UK stays in the EU their future is totally secure of which they would soon come to regret if the UK either stayed in the EU or the Customs Union. For outward appearances can be deceiving and the stability of the EU is in jeopardy as well the EU knows if Britain ever left without a deal and the contributions to the EU economy from the UK ceased its whole economy would be in dire straits especially without the thirty nine billion with the possibility of it splitting apart at the seams thus the backstop of which it refuses so adamantly to alter even to the extent of putting a time limit on the backstop for as said there is and will be no solution acceptable to the EU and the Irish Government that will solve the Irish Border problem now and in the future but Britain does no need to adhere to the backstop for Britain in the future could easily cancel the backstop with or without the EU permission for Britain could turn round to the EU and say that it will terminate the backstop whether the EU likes it or not and will not be dictated to by the EU or any other Nation or government. But this United Kingdom belongs not unto the business community and not unto Parliament nor to the Politicians it belongs to all of the people of the United Kingdom who voted by a majority to be no longer under the heel of a foreign Government especially the EU for until the UK leaves the EU it is subject to the Government of the EU is Laws its rules and regulations its courts of Justice and the way in which it trades with the rest of the World with Parliament being unable to make and pass its own Laws without the approval of the EU government. But as afore said there is only one way that the UK can truly leave the EU and regain its independence freedom and become a free independent democratic Sovereign Nation. But as I have afore said unto thee no matter who or what seeks to frustrate Brexit will fail saith the Lord God Brexit is on the path I have ordained from the beginning for it to go and reach its ultimate destination. But say I this that the present Prime Ministers attempt to renegotiate the treaty signed between the Prime Minister and the EU Government; of which before it was signed should have been presented to approved or rejected and voted on by Parliament and then if Parliament had given its approval signed sealed and enacted on and not the other way round as it hath been done; is an exercise in futility and a total waste of time and expense incurred the EU has but one objective as have the remainers in Parliament and the opposition to frustrate Brexit at all cost but the only ones to be frustrated in the end will be those who seek to do so.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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