Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee even He who hath created all things according to His Eternal Will and purpose as is revealed in all of His Word He who is the ONLY TRUE SAVIOUR AND REDEEMER OF MANKIND AND THE JUDGE OF THE QUICK AND THE DEAD EVEN ON JUDGMENT DAY. Thus say unto all the Nations of the Earth that I shall and am Judging all of the Nations by My Holy Laws and Commandments as is set down in My Holy Word unto perfection and shall continue to do so and if any Nation upon the face of the Earth is found guilty first and mainly of breaking any and all of My Holy Laws and commandments shall face but one sentence at Judgment day and that is the sentence of death spiritual facing the bottomless pit and the darkness of blackness in the bottomless pit/hell forever being tormented and filled full of the torment of regret. For it is for all of those who do not repent and seek forgiveness though the cleansing blood of the true and only Passover Lamb even the Messiah Immanuel and counting by faith His death becoming their death and His resurrection their resurrection and His ascension as their ascension at the end of their earthly life by Faith unto eternal Life forever in Heaven being thus though Him being Joined unto the source of all Life on the Earth and in the Heavens of Heavens even unto Me saith the Lord God THE I AM THAT I AM, AM THE SOURCE OF ALL LIFE THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE OF THE UNIVERSE AND CREATION therefore it is whomsoever is joined unto Me through faith in the Messiah is Joined unto the source of all life and whomsoever through the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments are cut off Me are cut off from the source of all life and as the sentence of death was passed upon all of mankind physically thus it was from that moment mankind as one did die Spiritually immediately being from that moment cut of from Me spiritually the sentence of death physical was withheld for a time even the life span physically of mankind and then executed without exception at the end of that allotted time given to all of mankind of which even those who came to believe in the Messiah suffer the punishment for sin transgression or the crime committed by the breaking of the first Commandment given even that I commanded mankind’s first parents to eat not the fruit of the Knowledge of good and evil for in the day thou doest thou shalt surely die of which they did upon the disobedience of mankind’s first parents died spiritually and eventually physically after the allotted time set by Me when they ate of the forbidden fruit. But thus because I created mankind in Mine own image I could in no way obliterate any or all of mankind from existence therefore a way had to be found for those who wish to repent and return unto Me and a place of banishment had to be created for those who wished not to return unto Me for it is only those who are pure and Holy and righteous in the true sense of the Word willing in all things to do My Will as it is done in My Heavenly Kingdom. But first they had to be brought from death unto life and to be cleansed from all sin unrighteousness and to be before Me in My sight pure and Holy in this Life and perfectly so when ascended after this life into My Heavenly Kingdom until the creation of the New Heavens and the New Earth when they would be returned to the Earth to go forth and multiply and fill the whole of creation even the whole Universe for My Children shall spread unto every planet in every galaxy in all of the Universe for they shall be numbered ten thousand times ten thousand, thousand more than the sands of the seas shore and the sands of the of all the Earth. Thus it is that those who have and are to be cast into the bottomless pit are indeed cut off from the light of truth and life being banished from the Kingdom of Heaven forever being filled and to be filled with the burning regret for choosing the wrong path in their life upon the Earth for it is that every human being is given one chance and choice to either repent and turn unto Me though Faith in the true eternal Passover Lamb being cleansed through His blood and made perfect and Holy in My sight or to reject that which is offered and to live their lives in total disobedience to all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and then at the end of their lives being banished to the bottomless pit as their home forever and that chance at eternal life is offer once and once only then comes for them but the awaiting of the end of their lives being brought before Me at Judgment day and of a surety cast into the bottomless pit forever. The offer once give and rejected shall and can be never repeated..

This is the Word of the Lord God Unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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