Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel the Lord God of the Hosts of the Heaven of heavens unto thee even at this time that as I said I would do call a great whirlwind from the furthest Northern and Eastern reaches of the ends of the Earth even a whirlwind of the full fury of My wrath and anger and of My vengeance against the Northern Nations of the Earth even against the Northern and central Nations of Europe but not only against these Nations but also all of the Nations of the Northern Continent of the Americas of which thy scientists have named it a polar vortex and classed it not as an act of My wrath and anger against the Nations of the Earth but an act of Nature but as all of Nature as thou callest it is at My Command and is My creation so have I in wrath and anger commanded this great whirlwind to arise from the Northern and Eastern reaches of the ends of the Earth to strike the Northern and Eastern Nations of the Earth and the central Nations of Europe along with all the Nations of the Northern continent of the Americas which shall come to pass as it hath so come to pass upon the Northern Continent of the Americas but not yet full measure as so shall it do so for all of the sins, transgressions and crimes of great wickedness immorality corruption and the following after false faiths, the worshiping of false gods which are no gods but followers of the Fallen one the Adversary who set themselves up as gods to deceive and lead mankind astray and down unto the pit/hell along with the followers of false messiahs and false prophets who twist and turn and pervert My Holy Word to use it for their own gain robbing even the poor and innocent and the unwary of the hard earned savings taking even the bread from the mouths of babes and suckling’s who are also the worshipers of idols of wood and stone that are but works of men’s hands. But most of all My wrath and anger full measure is turned against all those who commit crimes against the children of these Nations that still remains hidden in the darkness of the wickedness of these immoral corrupt Nations especially on what thou doth call the internet that hath become so morally wicked and corrupt as to the contents sent and received that thou or those responsible for the operation thereof either cleanse it of all of the wickedness and immorality there on or shut it down completely or I shall and shall wreak My vengeance against not only those who commit these crimes but allow such wicked immoral and criminal content to be sent received and displayed on their servers but not only against these has the full fury of My wrath anger been aroused but also against those who do break all of My Most Holy Commandments and Laws and teach mankind to do the same who are twice dead plucked up by the roots and have the sentence of death upon their heads they are nothing more than the children of sheol and the bottomless pit/hell and shall in the end posses their true due inheritance forever. But as I so said and have done in the of sending this great whirlwind and storm from the far reaches of the Northern and Eastern the ends of the Earth and have sent as said sent it to strike not only the Nations of Europe but to strike all of the Nations of the Americas and shall strike down unto the bottomless pit/hell as said all the wicked immoral and rebellious Nations of Europe from the furthest borders of Russia to the entrance of the Mediterranean sea. Not one Nations shall escape the hot displeasure of My wrath and anger and of My Vengeance for all those crimes of omission and commission these Nation are guilt of Committing but especially all of those immoral crimes and sins committed against as afore said the children of the Earth no longer shall I allow those guilty to escape punishment even as said those who commit crimes of commission those who commit crimes of ommision those who seek to hide or neglect to bring to the notice of the relevant authorities the perpetrators of those crimes so that Justice can be done and seen to be done also the meeting out of Justice not only upon those who commit these crimes but also upon all who are guilty either by association or those who are guilty after the fact. But not alone shall I strike these Nations in wrath and anger for these sins, transgressions and crimes but also as afore said upon all of the those who break any and all of My Holy Laws and Commandments of which all of Mankind by Me are commanded to obey upon pain of death both spiritual and physical of which until now the latter hath been fulfilled in that all of mankind are ordained once to die and then to come before Me to be Judged and to be condemned or acquitted and either to be cast into the bottomless pit wherein is the lake of the fire of eternal torment or to enter into My Kingdom as one of My Children being clothed in the righteousness of redeemer IMMANUEL by being cleansed by His shed blood even He who is the true and only eternal Passover Lamb and Messiah. But it is if any of the Nations of Europe and of the Americas turn unto Me through Faith in the Messiah then the storm and the whirlwind of My wrath and anger shall I cause to pass them by for it is only those guilty of the breaking all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and repent not of so doing shall be punished even those who commit sins and crimes of omission and commission and not those that repent and turn unto Me through FAITH in the Messiah IMMANUEL.

This the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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