Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel even the only true redeemer and saviour of all of mankind especially of the Holy People the true and only children of Israel along with those of mankind who by Faith in the only true Messiah Immanuel even the only true eternal Passover Lamb whose cleansing flow alone cleanses from all sins transgressions and the crimes of breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments are saved from My wrath to come on Judgment day who are through the cleansing blood of the true and only eternal Passover Lamb are Holy and Righteous in My sight and who do are My true children out of every land tribe and Nation and who shall alone inherit My Heavenly Kingdom. Thus as afore said four mighty Nations at this time and before the day when all of mankind are to be Judged according to My Holy Word Laws and Commandments are to fall of which as afore said already one is on the verge of falling down unto the dust of the ground followed by a Mighty Far Eastern Nation along with those who are allied unto it of the Nations of the Earth the third being a Mighty Nation of the North and East of Europe of which once was controlled by a cruel tyrannical socialist Government that in the recent past changed its wolfs clothing to that of a sheep but still retains the heart of a wolf that now and then hath and doth surface to reveal its true Nature especially just recently and the fourth Mighty Nation that once was and Empire that covered the then known World whose end was brought about by the striking of the great and terrible sharp sword of vengeance in the right hand of He who wields it who stands at My right hand and great was its fall as was the destruction of its capital city that which is at the present consists of a Union of many Nations but as is set down in My word that which is to bring about its demise or fall is a stone made without hands that shall be cast against its foundation even its founding Nations and all the Nations that go to make up this Mighty Nation shall be scattered to the four winds of which some will perish and some will survive and prosper but as it is written down in My Word saith the Lord God of the whole of creations so shall it come to pass even now the stone made without hands is ready to be cast against this Mighty Nation and such shall be the fall thereof that all the Nations of the Earth shall mourn the passing of this Mighty Nations.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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