Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Host of Heaven and the Heaven of Heavens even My Heavenly Kingdom to the Nations as so said and as is written down in My Word a stone cut out of a mountain without hands; before the end and the day of Judgement dawns; shall strike the fourth Mighty Nation even a Nation made up of many Nations both rich and poor strong and weak Gold and silver Iron and clay and the stone shall strike the foundations of this Mighty Nation whose many Nations thereafter shall be scattered to the four winds of the Earth and this Mighty Nation shall fall and be no more upon the face of the Earth as I have revealed it so saith the Lord God of all of creation so shall it come to pass. But I say unto thee as concerning the UK leaving the EU after the referendum vote to leave by the British public and the beginning of the Negotiations the EU’s altitude towards the UK and its government has been arrogant and uncompromising as revealed in the declaration at the outset its redlines beyond which the EU Government would in no way go or cross and hath as it said has not gone or crossed, offering the UK no beneficial progressive deal of any kind always declaring that it was adamant that the UK would in no way cherry pick or benefit from its leaving of the EU whatsoever in all of the Negotiations its attitude towards the UK has not changed and has been arrogant and uncompromising whilst the UK has upon every stage of Brexit negotiations compromised in any way it could until now and was still met when ask for the EU to compromise on the backstop either dropping it altogether or putting a time limit on it. Thus say I if the EU is as it was from the very beginning arrogant unwilling to compromise so should the UK met the demeaning hard line attitude of the EU with a like attitude for in the end the EU is going to suffer far more than the UK shall for as said the UK has stood on its own two feet for centuries and hath built upon a global empire which but for the second world war would still exist and if that had happened the EU would be knocking at the UK’s door not vice versa for a beneficial progressive trade deal and in saying that if the situation was reverse the UK would never have had the same altitude as the EU trying to dictate to Britain how and when and if it should or could leave at all. What really angers the EU is that with all of its scare mongering the manipulation of remainers and politicians sympathetic to the EU along with the Business sector that sees only it own profits and bank balances diminishing and no care or thought for its work force seen in its willingness to sack them if they did not get their way in persuading the UK to say in the EU and seeking to use that and many other tricks to scaremonger Britain in to accepting a deal that in the end only benefits the EU and not the UK and virtually by the backstop without any get out option trying to tie the UK to the EU or to bully the UK into staying in the EU. The EU now should be treated in kind, as it hath treated the UK the UK should treat the EU. But saith the Lord God of Hosts of Heaven creator of all that is was and ever shall be the places reserved in Sheol the bottomless pit or as thou names it hell are reserve for arrogant proud Dictators and Tyrants along with the hard hearted uncompromising blind and deaf immoral corrupt breakers of all of My Holy Laws and commandments who know not Me who are righteous in their own eyes but are cess pits of iniquity full of all manner of unrighteousness and immorality corruption sin and the crimes of unbelief who are destined thereafter Judgment day to be cast to the place wherein they declare is reserved for others.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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