Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel even the only true redeemer and saviour of all of mankind especially of the Holy People even those who are redeemed by the blood of the true Messiah and eternal Passover Lamb IMMANUEL sacrificed upon the altar of grace whose shed blood cleanses for all sins transgressions and the crimes of breaking of and disobedience to all of My Holy Laws and Commandments by which all of mankind and all of the Nations shall be Judge and punished according to the demands of My Holy Laws and Commandment. Thus say I unto thee O Canada as I have Judged America and have punished that Nation by whirlwind and fire great storms called forth from the far reaches of the ends of the Earth even from the North and East and by Earth Quakes and floods Volcanic activity and that of which hath yet to strike that Nation for its breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and of great wickedness immorality corruption and the lack of protecting the vulnerable and the needy the homeless the disabled the elderly the weak and the orphan the sick and the dying so shall I Judge thee with the same Judgement as I have that Nation but also shall I Judge thee for thy pollution and destruction of the environment resulting in the diminishing of the habitat of the creatures of thy Nation also the unnecessary and wicked slaughter of land and marine mammals for all of these crimes and sins of which thou art guilty so shall My wrath and anger full measure descend upon the whole of thy Nation if thou repents and turns from off thy great wickedness immorality corruption and thy neglect of the needy and vulnerable of thy Nation and the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments so shall I turn away from thee My Wrath and anger but if not as I have punished and shall punish America so shall I punish thee according to the demands of My Holy Laws and Commandments full measure for as said to other Nations that I have commanded all of mankind especially My Holy People Israel to obey all of My Holy Laws and Commandments as so set down in My Word upon pain of death both spiritual and physical and so shall it be in this life and when all come before Me on the day of Judgment which is as the door ready to enter in and begin for once My Judging and punishing of the Nation is at an end so shall the day of Judgment begin and then all of mankind shall be called forth unto Judgment from all the ages past and the grave and all that do exist upon the Earth once My Judging of the Nations is completed and until the day when the day of My Judging of the whole of mankind dawns. Thus say I saith the Lord God of the Host of Heaven and the Heaven of Heavens unto thee as was said in My Word in the Book of Daniel Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsing, Mene for thee shall be interpreted as, I have numbered thy Nation O Canada and finished it, Tekel I have weighed this Nation in balances of My Just Judgment and found it wanting and Peres I shall even as I did then with Nebuchadnezzar’s Kingdom split the whole of this Nation apart that it shall not remain one whole Nation but split asunder.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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