Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation why did this United Kingdom have a referendum and why did it vote to leave was it because of the campaign promises made by the politicians no for only a minority of the population trust politicians to deliver that which they promise. The aims and ambitions of the majority and it was a majority was for the United Kingdom to take back its Nation and from under the EU Governments control and for the UK to reclaim its sovereignty the right of this Nation to make its own Laws and govern its own economy without interference from the EU that the government of the UK may no longer be a servile puppet of the EU but since then where has the United Kingdom gone wrong that it is unwilling or unable to stand on its own two feet where has the fighting spirit of this Nation Gone that it is unable to stand up to the EU has this Nation sank into a pit of subservience and reliance on the EU that at the first sign of having to forge its own way in the world it seeks to return to the umbrella of the EU has this Nation become already a servile Nation to the EU that it can no longer or is unwilling to reclaim its rightful place on the Worlds stage and become a major global trading Nation. The question must also be asked why are the major trading Nations of the World afraid of the UK leaving the EU for the threats of moving major industries of other Nations out of the UK can only point in one direction they are afraid of the UK becoming a major trading Nation on the Worlds stage and becoming the competition that the major trading Nations neither want or need especially in the present worlds economic climate. Brexit not only threatens the stability of the EU but the stability of the major trading Nations and what are the major trading Nations afraid of is that if the UK ever Left the EU lock stock and barrel would and became once more a Nation to be reckoned and not as it is now having little or no influence at all political or otherwise. In the past Britain’s Military might alone caused other Nations to sue for peace. Britain it is said lost its empire in the second World War it did not it lost it in and after the first World war when other Nations began to increase their military might and the British Empire sank into the mire of overconfidence, complacency and lethargy which became evident at the beginning of the second world war in political attitude of the then Government towards the rearmament of the German Military and the attitude of the British Politicians that could have nipped it in the bud before it got out of control having the arrogant attitude that if war broke out the expeditionary forces would be more than a match for the German military resulting in Dunkirk. But the crushing blow for the British Empire came after the Battle of Britain when for the first signs of the British fighting spirit returned in the defeat of the German Air force and the dawning of the realisation that Britain alone could not defeat Hitler and would have to recruit the help of other Nations. But throughout the war Britain was as thou wouldst put it by other Nations taken to the cleaners when Britain not only had to pay for or go into debt for materials to defend the UK when Britain stood alone but had to foot the major part of the bill for materials after Normandy but that’s another story sufficient to say Britain is still paying off the second world war debt. But the major mistake made by the Government was joining the EU in the first place which has slowly over the past decades eroded Britain’s ability to Govern itself as a true free democratic sovereign Nation by closer and the closer integration of EU member states which has reach the position now that all the Nations of the EU are no longer free democratic sovereign Nations having no true say in how their Nations are governed and are fully subject to the EU central Government and courts of Justice which has in reality full control of the economical structure of all its member states of which Greece is and has been a supreme example. But the crunch in as far as Britain is concerned was and is the EU’s political manipulation of the UK government in getting the UK government to come up with a backstop plan that would in effect tie Britain to the EU without the ability or recourse to free itself from the clutches of the EU and in effect becoming a willing conquered Nation if the treat signed was signed ratified and agreed on with a weak willed and subservient Parliament the majority of which are willing to sacrifice the freedom of self Government for the comfortable existence without the responsibility of self government sovereignty and the rights and freedoms of a true democratic Parliament, Government and Nation.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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