Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God and only true redeemer and saviour of mankind and the Holy People Israel unto the Nations as I have so said so shall it be done when once the Judging of all of the Nations and of mankind is completed at this time so shall enter in the day of Judgment when all of mankind and all of the Holy People shall be brought before Me those from the grave and those living upon the Earth for it is of necessity at this time to warn all of mankind of the coming day of Judgement one last time so that mankind is giving once last chance to repent from all of their wickedness immorality corruption but especially from the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and if refusing to so do as commanded and as so set down when I said that all of mankind are commanded to obey all of My Holy Laws and commandments upon pain of death that is what shall come to pass upon all who refuse to heed the warnings and to turn from of their great wickedness immorality corruption and their lack of meeting the needs of the needy and fulfilling their responsibility given by Me to all of mankind to care for the creatures and the environment of the Earth as so set down in My Word and the breaking of and disobedience to all of My Holy Laws and Commandment even to obey them all as so set down in My Word from the heart willingly by Faith in the only true Messiah and saviour even He who is the only true eternal Passover Lamb sacrificed upon the altar of grace so that all who do so may obtain eternal life through the cleansing flow of the shed blood of the eternal Passover Lamb the Messiah IMMANUEL and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven when at last their Earthly life is ended. But the Judgment of the quick and the dead not only applies to the physically living or dead the dead being raise from the grave on Judgement day to be brought before Me to be Judged but it applies mainly to the Judging of those who are spiritual alive who have been redeemed and those who are spiritually dead being not of Me and cut off from the true source of all Life even whom I am saith the Lord God for without Me nothing can exist that doth exist upon the Earth in the Heavens and the Heaven of Heaves it is I who give life and it is I alone who can take it away. Thus it is that all of those who are of Me shall not escape being Judged for all of their sins of commission and omission that they have not repented of and sought and received forgiveness who shall be punished but their punishment shall not be unto death and the bottomless pit but their punishment will be according to the unforgiving sins and transgressions and the disobedience to My Holy Laws and commandments for there are those that shall shine as the stars in the heavens and there are those as thou wouldst put who will attain My Heavenly Kingdom by the skin of their teeth but nevertheless they shall enter therein for the eternal Passover Lamb shall vouch for them in Judgment and His shed blood shall cleanse them so that they shall become pure and holy in My sight for it is He who bore all of their sins and transgression by the shedding of His blood upon the tree. For it is as the good shepherd that none of the lambs that stray from the fold will remain so but shall be search out until found and returned. All who do believe in and are redeemed by the blood of the true and only Passover Lamb by Faith shall of a certainty enter in and dwell for all of eternity in My Heavenly Kingdom. But as Afore said I have no Joy in the death of the Wicked and more so in the destruction and the casting down of any Nation but as said from the very beginning I cannot and will not tolerate any disobedience to any and all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and as seen from the very beginning though I wanted it not I had to punish mankind’s first parents for their dissilience of My first commandment given unto them that upon their disobedience they would most surely die which they did and until they repented seeking forgiveness through faith in the promised redeemer to come that I revealed unto them they were indeed cut off from Me and dead in trespasses and sins and thus cut off from the source of all life whom I AM saith Lord God of the Hosts of Heaven and the Heaven of Heavens but having still in their flesh and the flesh of their descendants the result of their disobedience which would culminate in the their physical death. Thus now it is I am purpose to continue to Judge the Nations of the southern continent of the Americas for great wickedness immorality corruption and the meet of the needs of the needy of Argentina also for the destruction of the environment and of the unnecessary wicked slaughter of land and marine mammals the following after and belief in false faith the worshiping of images made in the likeness of things upon the Earth in the seas and under the Earth as so set down in My Holy Laws and Commandments for all of these things I shall not withhold the full fury of My Wrath and anger to descend upon this Nation full Measure also especially for the breaking of and disobedience to My Holy Laws and Commandments for all of these sins transgressions and crimes shall I cause to descend upon this Nation plague and disease drought and famine pestilence and a shaking of the Earth.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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