Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God and the redeemer of mankind and of the Holy People who belong unto Him by faith in the only true eternal Passover Lamb the Messiah Immanuel. Thus it is that I say unto thee that the time draws nigh for the four Mighty Nations of the Earth to fall the first of which is already falling by the hand of its leader. The second and the third will follow shortly thereafter and the fourth shall fall by the striking as said by the of the stone formed without hands taken from a great and mighty mountain even My Holy Mountain which shall strike at the fourth Mighty Nations foundations which are a mixture of iron and clay weak and strong that could not support a Nation never mind a Mighty Nation and then shall it fall and great shall be the fall thereof and this mighty Nation shall be scattered abroad to the four corners of the Earth never more to be seen upon the face of the Earth as a Mighty Nation ever again. But it is as I have so said that I shall indeed Judge all the Nations of the west coast of the southern continent at this time and so have I Judged each and every one according to My Holy Laws and Commandments and as My Holy Laws and Commandments demand so shall they be punished by great storms flood whirlwinds earth quakes pestilence disease famine and drought so much so that the punishment I have punished the Northern Continent of the Americas will seem insignificant in comparison as to that which is to befall all of the Nations of the west coast of the Southern continent of the Americas for great wickedness immorality corruption neglecting the weak sick homeless for the destruction of the environment in as far as destroying the habitat of the creatures of My creation and the unnecessary slaughter of land and marine mammals for all of these sins transgression and crimes shall I punish the Governments of these Nations and thereafter the whole Nation but more so for the breaking of and disobedience to all of My Most Holy Laws and commandments for all of these sins transgressions crimes and the breaking of My Most Holy Laws as set down in My Word I shall not hold back the full fury of My wrath anger and indignation that I am purpose thereby to punish all of these Nations. Thus it is to come upon all the Nations of the Earth one by one My Just Judgement until all hath been Justly Judged and punished and then as so set down and revealed in My Word ordained from all eternity shall come to pass the final day of Judgment.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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