Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even the creator and redeemer of mankind from whom nothing is hidden even secret hidden things of the wicked especially those of the EU in seeking to undermined British industry by targeting the International manufacturing companies that have established manufacturing bases in the UK that export their products to the EU from the UK especially the global automotive companies offering them tariff free trade deals if they export directly to the EU by passing the UK which would cover the cost of exportation to the EU from their home bases, which was not a viable means of exporting their products into the EU while the UK was a member of the EU even with tariff free deals because of the transportation costs involved in exporting their products into the EU from their home bases because their products from the UK were on the basis of one EU Nations exporting goods to another EU member Nation. The point is that until the referendum vote result and the beginning of the Negotiations and the imposition of the EU’s redlines after article fifty was applied the EU was not really convinced that the UK was really leaving the EU but when the EU was notified that article fifty was being applied then it knew that the UK’s intention was to really leave the EU and when the negotiations between the UK and the EU began the first signs of the EU’s anger was revealed in the negotiators statement that the UK could not cherry pick in the negotiations that the EU’s red lines were clear and precise and that they would not go beyond them of which they have not done so even though the UK has been willing to compromise in seeking to negotiate a progressive modern deal with the EU and to a certain extent has been willing to cross its red lines if the EU was willing also to cross its redlines which was seen in the UK’s willingness for the sake of the Irish border question to put into place a backstop of which was negotiated not to the UK’s advantage but to the EU’s by the EU insisting that there should be no time limit. But what are the first signs of the EU’s true attitude to the UK in leaving and the usage of dirty tricks in first seeking to stop the UK from leaving the EU and then seeking to punish the UK in any way it could for the UK ever to even consider leaving the EU, The first was seeking to entice British manufacturing businesses to move from the UK to the EU pointing out that the cost of exporting to the EU would cut their profit margins and that moving to the EU would secure their profit margins by retaining their current economic status though there would be an initial cost of moving from the UK to the EU of which could be negotiated with the EU thus the UK would not only be punished in the loss of manufacturing business but in the loss of British Jobs. When this slowly faded by the government seeking to assured Businesses sector and the financial sectors that if they stayed in the UK that the government would make every effort to guarantee there would be little or no reduction in their profit margins and their future investment in the UK would be as secure as the government could possible make them. Then the EU began to negotiate trade deals with other Nations that would benefit their manufacturers to export directly to the EU when Britain left the EU rather that export from the UK the trouble was exportation from the UK even with EU tariffs would be less costly and affect their profit margins less than the cost of transporting to the EU with having to pay EU tariffs so the EU offer to drop their tariffs to offset transportation cost. The EU’s objective by this dirty trick was to punish the UK for leaving the EU at any cost even sacrificing tariffs of which when the UK left would be detrimental to the EU’s economy and of which now that there is on the horizon a no deal Brexit the EU is seeking to punish the UK more so especial in the face of the rejection by Parliament of the signed treaty that they now are convinced will not see the light of day. but there are other dirty tricks played by the EU in using the politicians and others in seeking to scaremonger the UK into staying in the EU which was evident when the EU said that the UK could change its mind and stay within the EU as a full member but what is the question would be the consequences for the UK if the Government ever even considered returning the UK to full member ship?

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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