Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God creator and redeemer of mankind and of the whole Universe as so held by Him in the palm of His hand whose infinite will is seen and executed in all of creation. Thus say I saith the Lord God upon the present situation in the British Parliament and with the present parliamentary political parties and the resignations on both side who have formed an independent parliamentary political group. The first this to be pointed out is that all of the Parliamentary politicians are not a law unto themselves and are the servants of the people not the other way round. But in as far as the resignations are concerned it reveals the first signs in Parliaments of the remainers failure to hijack Brexit and by their actions in refusing to stand to be re-elected by their constituents as independent Mps says but one thing that they are afraid to do so because they are afraid if they do there is a possibility they will lose their seats which is a definite possibility as they were elected on their parties manifesto and having no manifesto and no longer belong to the party they were elected to serve in Parliament by their constituents their constituents will not know where they stand politically and having no manifesto and belonging to no political party will not know how these politicians are going to represent them or their interests in Parliament which inevitably lead to their constituents electing another Mp in their place who belong to a party their constituents support overall. But as concerning one statement made by one of the remainer rebels that the people of this Nation voted to leave on the basis of the promises made by the Leave campaigners, three thing have to be pointed out in as far as that statement is concerned and the first is that the majority of the public don’t trust the politicians in Parliament second if the promises by leave campaigners influenced the public to vote to leave why didn’t the promises made by remainers influence the public to vote to remain within the EU and thirdly the general public voted to leave for but one reason they wanted their country back to be governed lock stock and barrel by the Government they elected to Govern Britain the way they wanted it to be governed and not the way the EU wants Britain to be governed, but for any Politician especially remainers to imply that the British Public didn’t really know what they voted for when they voted to leave the EU that their vote was influenced by the Leave campaigners alone is on the part of those claiming such is to insult the general public on an unprecedented level and an act of ultimate arrogance by implying that the general public are nothing but ignorant peasants who don’t really know what they want and are incapable of making well informed educate decisions on their own not just for their own benefit but for the benefit of all of the people of the United Kingdom, which the present government and Parliament seem incapable of doing do by the state of the Parliamentary Parties at the present time. But saith the Lord God at the end of the day the ultimate destiny of that which ye call Brexit is in My Hands and will be worked out according to My Holy Will and Purpose and the Brexit this Nation will get is the one I have so ordained this Nation to Get and for many it will not be the one they want but the one they deserve. But one thing I will say says the Lord God what has and is and is happening in as far as Brexit is concerned including the present state of Parliament and the divisions in the political Parties is because democracy has been thrown out of the Parliamentary political window as so to speak.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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