Thus saith the Lord God saviour and redeemer of all of mankind unto thee on the matter of the present Brexit situation that hath arisen even the resignations of Mps from their parties seeking to frustrate Brexit even these which are remainers who could in no way accept the result of the referendum which if it had gone the other way would have expected all leavers to graciously without complaint accept the resultant vote of which they would have done and would not those who voted to remain if they had won as they did in the seventies laugh the leavers to shame. But the EU should be treated with the contempt it deserves for the way in which it has treated the UK its Government its politicians and its people by the dirty under handed tricks it has used first in seeking to entice British manufacturers to move their businesses from the UK to the EU on the basis that they would suffer economically from export costs which would drastically cut their profit margins once the UK had left the EU then the EU used various international financial institutions to try and scaremonger the UK back into the EU and when that failed it tried using Businesses and politicians in favour of the UK staying in the EU to try and scaremonger the UK back into the EU and when that failed the EU sought to undermine the British manufacturing industry by offering deals to international manufacturers both abroad and in the UK which they refused to offer the UK in the Brexit negotiation hoping that the UK would realise by staying in the EU it would be pointless for the international manufacturers to export directly into the EU when they could continue manufacturing their goods in the UK with little or no overheads affecting their profit margins and now seeing that, that has failed along with the failure of using the signed treaty knowing parliament would never agree to it, it being such as would almost make the UK an EU governed territory without the ability to trade on a global scale and of not be an independent sovereign democratic Nation until the backstop was terminated and with parliament not wanting a no deal Brexit rather than accept the treat would hope that Parliament would say Britain would be better off returning to the EU rather than sign up to the treaty or bringing about a no deal Brexit. Thus as all the efforts of the EU has failed to get the result they wanted they are applying the weapon of divide and conquer by scaremongering politicians into abandoning their own parties hoping there would be enough deserting their parties to force the Government to abandon Brexit altogether but even this hath not generated the result they wanted and expected as said now the tactics of the EU are now as a last ditch attempt at forcing the UK back into the EU is divide and conquer by using the remainers in parliament to sabotage Brexit altogether the worst thing about these resignations is that these politicians cannot see how they are being manipulated by the EU. The EU government now is shaking in its shoes; as thou wouldst put it; in fear of the consequences not to Britain but to the EU of the UK leaving the EU and the economical black hole to follow.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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