Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee in as far as the threatened resignations by conservative cabinet mps if a no deal Brexit is taken off the table there is but one answer to blackmail they need to be sacked but as that hath not been the case in as far as the Prime Ministers hath offered a compromise which hath been accepted and which inevitably leaves the Parliamentary remainers in control of how Brexit is going to proceed which if it is allowed to reach its conclusion will result in such a public outcry and such protests on the streets especially in the Capital as have never been seen afore at the governments betrayal of the public that could quite possibly escalate into rioting especially in the British capital for it is not alone the remainers who will gloat over their success but the EU will also be congratulating itself on being successfully in being able to thwart not only the referendum vote but in being able to make sure that the UK was never ever going to leave the EU and from thence will make sure that there is no possibility of the UK ever being able in the future to leave the EU in any way shape or form by advancing its closer integration agenda and the forming of a single European Military force thus have I not said unto thee that I have written it in stone that the UK is going to get the Brexit it deserves yet doth not want. But as said afore as concerning the forth might Nation upon the Earth to fall that the stone formed without hands is already in place to strike at the Fourth Mighty Nation upon the Earth even at this time at its weakest point the foundations upon which it is built made up of strong and weak Nations of which this stone will cause them to be scattered to the four winds of the Earth and great therefore shall be the fall of this Mighty Nation over whom the Nations of the Earth will mourn and say how hath the mighty fallen even the Mighty Nations of the Earth been brought down to the very dust of the ground by the power of My right hand . But the first mighty Nation that is falling already to this Mighty Nation I say how have the deceiver’s become the deceived and are being brought down finally by the very Nations that they thought they could trust to support them in their hour of need only to be betrayed in them standing by whilst they fell down even unto the depths of the Earth. For they will say as thou didst refuse us in our hour of need so will we refuse to support and help thee in thine hour of need.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee
from the prophet of the Lord

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