Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac anf Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God saviour and redeemer of mankind and the Holy People creator of the Heavens the Heaven of Heavens and the Universe which I hold in palm of My hand and all of that which dwells therein Especially the Earth and of mankind having search out the whole of the Nation of South Africa unto perfection and found therein great wickedness immorality corruption and the breaking of all of My holy Laws and Commandments the destruction and pollution of the environment the unnessesary slaughter of marine and land mamals and various creature of My creation the neglecting of the needy the persecution and cruelty towards ethnic minorities and the native African population of that Nation that suffered under Apartheid the cruel persecution segregation by the white minority Government of the native African population though claimed to have ended is still going on in that Nation and shall incur the full out pouring of My wrath and anger on those who continue to treat the Native African community as they did under Apartheid for I say this no matter the racial origin of any of mankind all are equal in My sight for if all the possessions wealth position and power are stripped from mankind even their clothing there is no difference except gender and age and that is how all of mankind will be when they appear before Me in Judgment upon Judgment day naked both physically and spiritually all are born equal and all pass from Earthly life equally the only difference shall be in Judgment that those who belong unto Me through faith in the true and only eternal Passover Lamb the Messiah IMMANUEL being clothed in His righteousness and those who do not and those who do not shall be cast into the bottomless pit and those who do ascend unto My Heavenly Kingdom for there is no other way for any of mankind under Heaven and the Heaven of Heavens to escape My Wrath to come and to be condemned to bottomless pit /hell on Judgment day except by faith in the cleansing blood of the only true eternal Passover Lamb the Messiah IMMANUEL sacrificed upon the altar of grace on behalf of all those who have are and shall by faith believe in Him who was condemned in their place for their sins crimes and transgressions especially that sin crime and transgression which was and is inherited from the parents of all of mankind ADAM and EVE, thus suffering their punishment unto perfection not only took upon Himself their punishment but thereafter as a sign that His sacrifice in their place was accepted conquered and rose from among the dead and ascended unto My throne and His throne but make no mistake the perfectly innocent eternal Passover Lamb without spot or blemish for all of My children’s sake was cast into the depths of the bottomless pit and the lake of the fires of everlasting torment suffering all of My children’s and all who believe by faith in Him their due punishment unto perfection so that all may be made righteous in My sight and through Him receive life everlasting in My heavenly Kingdom forever. Thus it is for all the crimes sins transgression committed against the native Africans of South Africa I shall pour out My wrath and anger upon first the government of that Nation and upon the whole of that Nation there after even as I am now punishing the Northern Continent of the Americas and soon the Nations of the Southern Continent of the Americas so shall I punish this Nation by Earthquake great storms and whirlwinds, fire plague and pestilence disease drought and famine unless all of this Nations Government and the Nation as a whole repent and turns from off their great wickedness corruption immorality and the persecution and cruelty not only towards ethnic minorities but against the Native African communities and the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments to Me through faith in the Messiah IMMANUEL and there after seek to obey all of My Holy Laws and Commandments according to My Will as is set down in My Word be assured all that is thus far set down herein shall of a certainty come to pass in as Far and this Nation is concerned.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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