Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God and the only true redeemer of mankind and the Holy People even those who by Faith in the only true Messiah are redeemed and saved from the wrath to come upon all of those of mankind who are guilty of breaking all of My Most Holy Laws and Commandments and for great wickedness corruption immorality the pollution and destruction of the environment the needless slaughter of the creatures of My creation also the neglecting of the needy healing the sick protecting the weak and vulnerable especially recently for it is that those who are responsible for providing the necessary resources to protect the weak the innocent and the vulnerable have neglected their responsibility for doing so and it is that I shall not hold them blameless or guiltless for indeed the blood of those who have fallen victim to the slayers of the innocent their blood is not only on the hands of those who have caused their deaths but also on the hands of those who could have provided the necessary resources to protect them and have not only done so but indeed have aggravated the situation by their crime of further reducing the resources necessary to protect the weak the innocent and the vulnerable and when they come before Me to be Judged they shall have to answer for their neglect as also I shall hold to account all of those who neglect the Elderly the homeless the refugees and the children of every Nation upon the face of the Earth. Thus it is now I say at this time that all of the Nations of the Earth shall I Judge and punish for the neglect cruelty and abuse of the children of every Nation and not one Nation not one Government shall escape due punishment if they are guilty of the crimes of cruelty abuse and the neglect of children the World over, for it is as I hold all children most precious in My sight I also store a record of all crimes committed against children from the very beginning and in Judgment when the perpetrators come before Me all of their crimes against children that they have committed shall be put before them as evidence of their guilt then shall be read out the verdict of My Judgment of them and the due punishment declared and to be executed forthwith. Thus it is that the parting of the ways soon approaches two Unions of Nations each to go their separate ways even as I have ordained for them to do so from the very beginning one to fall the other to rise and prosper and once again stand on the Worlds stage as a Global trading Nation and the other to fall and to be scattered to the four corners of the Earth for as I have ordained it so shall it come to pass of a certainty one to fall by a stone formed from a might Mountain without hands striking its very foundations made up of a mixture of clay and iron weak and strong member states. Thus as said afore the path of Brexit hath been set according to My Will and purpose and cannot and will not alter one iota nor go in any other direction and even though the people voted to leave knowing full well the consequences and wanting the UK to be a free sovereign democratically governed Nation being governed only by their own elect government and not by a foreign Union of Nations Government of which the present government has in no way honoured but has sought and is seeking to impose on the UK a Brexit of its own making and shall cause if the Government succeeded; which it will not; such an outcry that will result in such protest as never afore seen upon the streets of the Capital and as never afore seen in the UK which could result in them getting out of hand and mirroring the protest and rioting of other Nations especially those seen recently in the EU. This Parliament and Government no longer governs this Nation as servants of the people nor on behalf of the People of this Nation but on their own behalf if it did so govern the UK then right from the start the simple wish of the people as set forward by the referendum vote result would have be honoured and by now the UK would have left the EU. Brexit has not divided the Nation the Government has and has caused the mess that Brexit is now in leaving this Nation at the mercy of the devious underhanded trickery of the EU which is ever seeking to keep by any means it can the UK in the EU further evidence being revealed by its willingness to extend article fifty and by its intransigence over the backstop agreement. But say I this as said Brexit will follow the path I have ordained for it but unless the EU is willing to compromise it will cause a Brexit it does not want never mind the UK does not want and will result in such an economical disaster of epic proportions for all EU member Nations.
This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee
from the prophet of the Lord

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