Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God creator of all that is was and ever shall be even the redeemer and saviour of all of mankind and the Holy People who have been redeemed by faith in the true and only eternal Passover Lamb the Messiah IMMANUEL. Thus now it is that I shall as set down afore continue to Judge all of the Nations of the African Continent one by one and if found guilty of Breaking any and all of My Most Holy Law and Commandments especially My Most Holy Moral laws then shall I punish them by the outpouring of My wrath and anger full measure even unto perfection by Earthquake and fire by tornadoes and great storms and by plague pestilence famine and drought unless they turn and repent of all of their great wickedness and the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and commandments seeking forgiveness and redemption through the shed blood of the only true Passover Lamb the Messiah if they do; I shall prosper bless and protect them from all evil from all of their adversaries and from all disasters that shall befall all the wicked corrupt immoral government and Nations of the Earth who turn not whose destiny is set even the pit/hell and the lake of the fires of everlasting torment along with all of those who break of all of My Holy Laws and commandments; thus if not then as shall all the wicked corrupt Nations suffer My wrath and anger poured forth these to shall these Nations also be thus Judged and shall also fall down even unto the dust of the ground and unto total and utter destruction never to rise there from ever again. Thus it is that these Nation of the African continent shall be thus Judge to see if there is but one righteous Nation amongst them and if not all shall be punished even as so demanded My Holy Laws and Commandments and by My Moral Laws even as I did so Judge the Roman and other Empires causing them also to fall and never again rise thou some who followed thereafter sought to raise up again failed as shall all of those who seek to resurrect Empires and that fall being struck down by the swift terrible sharp sword of My Wrath and Anger. Thus shall it be that these African Nations shall be Judged according to and by My Holy Laws and Commandments especially My Holy Moral Laws even Senegal The Gambia Guinea-Bissau Guinea and Sierra Leone which shall be Judge by My Most Holy Law especially My Moral Law and commandments and if as said they repent not of their breaking of My Holy Laws especially My Moral Laws and commandments so shall they be punished as shall all the Nations thus having been Judged and being found guilty of all great wickedness immorality corruption and the breaking of My Most Holy Laws and Commandments.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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