Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God creator and the redeemer of mankind and all of the Holy People that belong unto Me through Faith in the Messiah IMMANUEL even at this time I say unto thee these first of all as concerning Brexit and the vote defeat thus suffered by the government and the impending vote about to take place upon whether quit literal the remainers should succeed in overturning Brexit by voting down a No Deal Brexit or that there should be a No deal Brexit which reflects the wishes of the majority of the people as revealed in the referendum vote which was just plainly and simply to leave the EU so that their Nation can become once again a free independent Nation and democracy being free of the shackles and the control of a foreign Government meaning the EU but this say I to the Mps of parliament whether leavers or remainers that they should consider their position in as far as constituents and constituencies are concerned and that if in the coming vote they are seen to be voting contrary to the wishes of the majority of their constituents then there is a distinct possibility of many Mp’s losing their parliamentary seats at the next General Election for as said afore if this Nation remains a Democracy the one major influence that the people have over who governs their Nation is in a general election where the futures of each Mp is at the mercy of their constituents whether they stand or fall and the course this Nation is following at the moment a General Election will be soon on the offing, but as said and now is revealed that the EU by its intransigence over Brexit and its determination to keep the backstop in place is to stop the UK Leaving EU by any means it possibly can by knowing full well that the UK government as is would rather delay or cancel Brexit altogether than leave the EU without a deal. But in as far as Judging the Nation of the African Continent these Nations shall I Judge even as I have the others thus far Judged and shall be punished being found guilty of all manner of wickedness corruption immorality and the Breaking of all of My most Holy Laws and Commandments Thus it shall be that I shall Judge these Nations of the African Continent even LIBERIA, COTE D’VOIRE, BURKINA FASO and GHANA of which I shall search out unto perfection to see if there be any righteous Nations amongst them that I might refrain from pouring out My Wrath and anger upon then and instead of punishing them shall indeed bless them. But if none be found righteous but guilty of great wickedness immorality corruption the mistreatment of their people the neglect of the weak needy poor homeless sick elderly and the orphan especially children and the needless slaughter of and cruelty towards the creatures of these Nations the destruction of the pollution of their environment especially of the seas oceans rivers streams and lakes then of a truth I shall pour out full measure the full fury of My wrath and anger upon all the Nations thus Judge by whirlwind and fire by plague and disease by drought famine and pestilence and by earthquakes of such magnitude that will leave the inhabitants in no doubt as to the cause of these disasters descending upon them for if as afore said if I find these Nations guilty of these crimes their punishment will be such that such devastation shall befall them as to leave their Nations desolate so much so that these Nations shall never recover.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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