Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God creator and redeemer of mankind and of the Holy people who by faith in the true eternal Passover Lamb Messiah IMMANUEL whose shed blood cleanses from all sins and transgressions and the crimes of Breaking all of My holy Laws and Commandments and through His strength and righteousness with which they have been by Faith clothed are able to obey perfectly all of My Holy Laws and Commandments even according to My will purpose as set down and revealed in My Word. Thus saith the Holy One of Israel as I am and shall at this time in these last days purposed to punish and am punishing the Nations thus far Judged so having Judged these Nations even NIGERIA, CAMEROON, THE CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC, SOUTH SUDAN and found them guilty of all manner of great wickedness corruption immorality the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments especially My Moral Laws and neglecting to provide for the healing of the sick care for their elderly to provide food and accommodation for the poverty stricken and the homeless, find families for the orphan and to adequate protection of all of the children of their Nation from those who would do them harm and cruelly mistreat them even to the extent of causing their deaths, thus also shall I punish them for the pollution and the destruction of their environment the cruel treatment and unnecessary slaughter of the creatures of My creation even the land and marine mammals. I shall punish these Nations as I have so said I would do and as I have already begun to do so unto those Nations already Judge and found guilty of breaking My Holy Laws and commandments and all of the crimes thus declared them guilty of thus shall I in wrath and Anger strike these Nation and all those thus far Judged by whirlwind and fire storms by earth quake and volcanoes in diverse places by floods and great storms by drought and famine and also I shall in wrath and anger cause to descend upon them plague and pestilence and disease so much so that what ye call pandemics shall strike all of these Nation thus far Judge one after the other until all hath been fulfilled to come upon all of the Nations I have thus far Judged even as I have warned over many ages that this time now come upon the Earth would do so at a time when mankind least expected it to do so thus as said afore thine ears have been deaf to the warnings over the centuries give even as thine eyes are blind to the signs of the times and the hearts of mankind have become as hard as granite or as the nether millstone towards Me and My Word. But say I this of a certainty all that hath been set down in My Word and the warnings sent out to the Nation by My servants the prophets even as day follows night and as the Earth orbits the sun and the moon the Earth so shall all as so revealed in My word and My Word of warning delivered and revealed to all of mankind whether or not mankind believe so shall it of a certainty come to pass all shall be fulfilled unto perfection as set down and revealed to come to pass upon Earth even from the beginning of the end of days until Judgement day dawnes. Thus now at this time I say unto thee in as far as Brexit is concerned there is but one direction Brexit will go and one destination it will reach and neither political party in Parliament and even the Government of the EU will get the Brexit they desire but they will get the Brexit I am about to give them followed even to descend upon them the full out pouring of My Wrath and Anger.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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