Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the host of heaven and the heaven of heavens unto thee as concerning Brexit and in as far as the proposals now on the table the only three viable ones being leaving without a deal a second referendum or the Prime Minsters deal only one of these hath been ordained by Me to come to pass though of course there are other proposals but they will all fail one of which is to revoke article fifty which would incur the outright anger of the British public though it would please all the remainers who are seeking by any means possible to remain within the EU by endeavouring to hijack Brexit in any way they possibly can especially by scaremongering the public by predicting it would be disastrous for the UK to leave the EU at all predictions of which are but mere speculation of what the future has in store for the UK or the EU of which the opposite could be equally true in as far as it being a disaster for both the EU and the UK for the UK to stay within the EU the latter of which has more chance of coming true that the former. But the remainers have since the referendum result have been acting like spoilt children who when the result became known expecting it to go in their favour started to act like spoilt children who when they can’t get their own way started to stamp their feet and scream their heads off with the hope that if they screamed loud enough and stamped their feet hard enough in the end their parents would give into them thus with it looking more and more like their attempt at hijacking Brexit are failing like the spoilt children their protest getting louder and endeavours to get article fifty rescinded more aggressive. One major option was to seek a second referendum but that would also fail in that it would produce an increase in the vote result to leave the EU because of the actions of remainers to frustrate Brexit and the EU’s attitude towards the British parliament who have sought to humiliate Britain for even attempting to leave the EU. But the EU by the evidence recently revealed has sought and still seeks by any means possible for the revocation of article fifty not because it supports the remainers but its own interests in that because of its short sightedness sees the UK leaving; not because it cares about the Britain or its economy or the British public; though some Nations within the EU secretly support the UK leaving the EU; but because of self interest in that the false predications put forth by the financial institutions predicting that if the UK leaves especial without a deal the EU would suffer far more than the UK they know not nor can predict the future only I can for I know all thing even the End from the Beginning saith the Lord God of the Host of Heaven even the only true redeemer of mankind and the Holy People and those whom I Will to reveal it to and none other. Thus I say unto thee a second referendum apart from and increased vote to leave would be therefore a waste of time and money revoking article fifty is also a no go as this would case so much public anger and fury against Mp’s and parliament that coming a general election the public would be seeking for a party whom they could trust to govern the UK on their behalf as the UK should be governed a party that could unity the government and the country to become once again a stronger more United Britain able to forge its own way in the world as true independent sovereign Democratic Nation once again establishing its prominence as a world trader and also a Nation willing to come to the aid of any people and Nation in need of Britain’s help. Especially those suffering from, as thou wouldst puts it natural disasters and most of all to become a European trading partner and friend working with EU in every way possible especial the security of all the people and Nations of Europe in or out of the EU. But as afore said Brexit will of a certainty follow the path I have set for it to follow and its ultimate destiny.
This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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