Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Hosts of heaven and the heaven of Heavens unto thee as concerning the Brexit dilemma now facing the Government that there now only remains one of two options either cancelling Brexit altogether as the remainers protest rally and petition campaign has put forth which way they want Brexit to go end up in the political dust bin by the revocation of Article fifty and remaining shackled to the EU but though the Brexit remainer protest rally produced a massive attendance in London and the petition put to parliament was in the millions yet it does not reflect what the majority of the British public voted for and that was to leave the EU and until that number exceeds the number of voters who voted to leave the protest rallies and petition campaigns should be taken little or no notice of, mainly because it reveals the true attitude of remainers in that they still have not come to terms with losing the referendum vote of which as is the case now that though the remainers protest loudly seeking by these means to overturn Brexit yet as with the nineteen seventies referendum vote when the those who wanted to leave the EU lost little or no voice of protest was heard and they all graciously accepted the result and even now though they could protest at the way Brexit and the actions of remainers and remainer Mp’s is are still choosing to remain silent as they would have done if they had lost the twenty sixteen referendum vote would have accepted it graciously without any protest or petitions or rallies as would all of leaver Mp’s but now their attitude and the fall shall be far from the nineteen seventies referendum result if the remainers ever seemed to be getting their own way in as far as Brexit is concerned now that, that majority now seeing as said what is happening though remaining silent and calm yet beneath the surface a seething anger is building not only because of the way that the negotiation have been conducted thus far but also that the remainers seem to be getting their own way in Parliament by the present Government and Parliamentary Mp’s seeming not only allowing them to do so but to taking their side by endeavouring to support them in every way possible especial revealed in light of the last voting sessions and the amendments tabled by Mp’s but more so the majority of Parliament and its speaker who are all supposed to be impartial in as far as Brexit is concerned especially when the majority of Mp’s are supposed to represent leavers and remainers seeing as many of the Mp’s constituents voted to leave. Is it not so that in all controversial political issues especially Brexit and also as concerning the Governing of the Nation all Mp’s to truly represent all the electorate are supposed to be impartial and not to take sides they are there in Parliament to represent all of their constituents and not just one section of the communities they are elected to represent and are failing in their electorally responsibility if they are not truly impartial Mp’s in all matters as concerning the governing of the UK. But I say this if there is a chance that the remainers are likely to suceed in their aim at frustrating Brexit the back lash that would follow from those who voted to leave would be such as to put the present remainer campaigners and protesters to shame. But one of the problems associated with this massive protest of being hijacked by other fanatical factions and groups who would try to use them as a means to further their own ends having not the slightest interest in Brexit. But as at the outset I say there are only two direction for Brexit thus saith the Holy One of Israel the Lord God of the whole of creation only one there is that I have ordained it to come to pass and that is the one that will neither please Brexit remainers or Leavers the EU or the British public a Brexit no one wants but will get well at the outset I said if this Government Heed My Word unto them and obeyed all of My Holy Laws and Commandment that I would prosper and bless them in all that they did and would do but and if they refused then I would cast this government down unto he dust of the ground never again to be elected to govern this Nation and would make it and its leader the laughing stock of the World in other words humiliate this Government and through them this Nation as a whole and as I said at the beginning so have I done but there is a way back and out of the disastrous situation this Government and thus the Nation also are in and that is My Way and according to My Will as is so revealed in all of My Holy Word.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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