Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Host of Heaven and the Heaven of Heavens and the only true redeemer of mankind and the Holy People Israel even the only true eternal Passover Lamb whose shed blood cleanses from all sins and transgressions and the crimes of Breaking My Holy Laws and commandments of those who believe in Him by Faith even the Messiah IMMANUEL unto thee at this time having thus Judged these Nations even Somalia Tanzania and Zambia and having search out these Nations unto perfection to see if any of these Nations are righteous and Holy In My sight not only in these Nations as a whole but also in all of the whole population of these Nations and finding none righteous no not one and finding also in these Nations from the Governments down to the poorest of these Nations great wickedness immorality corruption the destruction of their environment and the unnecessary slaughter of the wild life and also their failure to protect the wild life of their Nations from those who seek to profit from the slaughter of the endangered species of these Nations also not providing adequate care for the sick and injured and those in desperate need of medical care, neglecting to care for and protect the children and the elderly from those who would harm or abuse them and neglecting to provid for the needs of the poor finding shelter for the homeless and families for the orphans. But My wrath and anger is aroused more so against these Nations for the destruction and pollution by of their environment and for all their sins of commission and omission shall these Nations be punished especially their governments, but more so are these Nations condemned for the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and commandments of which I shall in wrath and anger punish these Nations even as My Holy Law and commandments demand by whirlwind and earthquakes and by fire even the all consuming burning fire of My vengeance shall descend to punish these Nations even the burning fire of My vengeance that shall descend upon all the wicked not only of the these Nations but upon all the wicked and rebellious Nations of mankind especially they who do think with impunity they can break all of My Holy Laws and commandments without suffering the consequence thereof by the mistaken belief that if they believe I exist not then in their minds and in reality to them I don’t exist and Judgment day will not happen and there s no heaven no sheol bottomless pit or hell that might have been and still is the case with the gods of mythology which only existed in superstitions minds of those who believed in these gods which when their followers ceased to believe in them vanished from existence not so with Me as all of mankind will find out when Judgment day dawns when all shall come before Me and have to answer for their lives upon the face of the Earth and for all their sins transgressions and especially the breaking of My Holy Law and commandments of and for which if found guilty will face all eternity in the bottomless pit sheol/hell. Thus say I unto these Nations thus Judged in wrath and anger shall I punish all of them by the all consuming fire of My wrath and anger along with great storms whirlwinds tsunamis floods drought plague disease pestilence and by the spewing forth of volcanic ash and lava in diverse places. But as with other Nations thus Judged a time of grace and mercy shall be given so that if any of these Nations are willing and do turn from and repent of their great wickedness corruption immorality and the breaking of My Holy Laws and commandments in deep humility do seek for all of their sins and transgressions and the crimes of Breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments to be forgiven and upon being granted are by faith in the only true redeemer cleansed and made holy and righteous in My sight and then instead of punishment forgiveness blessing peace and prosperity and in Judgment acquittal and at life’s end ascension into My Heavenly Kingdom even the Kingdom of the Heaven of Heavens. But as said to others make no mistake no repentance no forgiveness and a certainty in Judgment being condemned for all eternity to be cast into the bottomless pit and sheol even that which thou callest hell for ever.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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