Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation that as said afore that the remainers in Parliament are seeking to either frustrate Brexit or overturn it altogether a per the insistence of the minor political parties for a second referendum or aconfirmatory peoples vote hoping in the light of the numer of people signing the petition put to Parliament for either a second referendum or a revocation of article fifty and the various bias poles seeking public opinion and the opinion and support of remainers Mp’s in Parliament; which are in the majority meaning that this country is no longer govern by a democratic Parliament because democracy implies impartiality; but in as far as the almost fanatical desire for remainers Mp’s and public remainers for a second referendum or peoples confirmatory vote it is only with the selfish hope having only their own interests at heart and not the National interest that a second vote will go their way and if it did then they would expect as happened in the seventies that those who previously voted to leave would accept the vote without any objection and quietly accept the vote result of which did happened in the seventies and there would be a return to full membership as it was before the referendum not so as there would by the majority that voted to leave outright anger and rage against the Government because of it betrayal of the public’s trust by the present Government and Parliament and following protests the result of the next general election would see many Mp’s losing their seats in all of the United Kingdom Nations. But if a return was possible then the terms and conditions that the EU would seek to impose on the UK would have to be taken into consideration of which one would be that the UK would never again seek to leave the EU and the strict imposition of all the terms and conditions of EU full membership. But one thing no human being can ever know what the outcome of a second referendum or peoples vote would be except I Myself and if I said that the outcome would be an even greater majority vote to leave the EU of a certainty would then remainers be so eager to seek a second referendum or peoples vote or would they seek a third referendum and a fourth until the result was in their favour that of a certainty I can say that is what they will do they will never accept any vote to leave the EU, but what has in this respect to be taken into account is that though millions signed the petition and the poles results were encouraging in favour of remaining it was not more that those who vote to leave the EU in the first referendums meaningful vote. Though I will not say for certain what the outcome of a second referendum would be just that both sides of the Brexit argument would get a massive shock a the result of a vote if ever it was allowed to take place. But as said as I have ordained the outcome of Brexit so will it come to pass even according to My will and purposes and not a Brexit either side or the EU want but it will bring an end to this Brexit crisis once and for all.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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