Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

The Mighty Nations of the Earth are now faced with a Nuclear dilemma, North Korea and its leaders vision for the whole of the Korean peninsula becoming; under his leadership; a Nuclear World power becoming a reality which has been frustrated by in the first place America and the UN in their refusal to lift sanctions and advance the peace process between North and South unless the North Korean Leader not only destroys its Nuclear development sites; which on the surface it has done; but also give up and destroy its Nuclear arsenal and to show its willingness to do so took the first step by destroying its Nuclear development facilities and went back to the negotiating table with America to get sanctions lifted and to advance the peace process of which America promised if Unity between North and South Korea became a reality it would remove its forces from Korean soil after a reasonable amount of time just to make sure that peace between north and south was a long term reality which all parties agreed on until it came to the removal of sanctions and then the second part of the American demands to be met by North Korea even the destruction of his Nuclear arsenal which became obvious he was unwilling to do and of which if he had agreed to do would have ended his vision for the whole of Korea under his leadership thus resulting in a fall out between the North Korean Leader and the American government because of the American Governments insistence that he destroy his Nuclear Arsenal and give up all of his Nuclear ambitions. Thus it became obvious by his fallout with the American Government that he point blank refused to destroy his Nuclear Arsenal and delivery system. But also having not much Joy with his Chinese Neighbour to help him get sanctions lifted he has now turned to Russia and its President to help Him get sanctions lifted. Thus now it is that as he attempts to get the Russian Leader to help him get sanctions lifted the Russian Leader has had to take into account that his problem with North Korea is greater than that of the American Government and its Leader in that the Russia borders North Korea so if he also refused with America and the UN to help the North Korean Leader to get sanctions lifted has he for peace and the stability of the region sake state that unless North Koreas Leader is willing to give up his nuclear ambitions sanctions would have to remain in place. The problem is if the North Korean leaders ambitions; which was also his father’s; became a reality with his nuclear arsenal still in place and the reunification of North and South Korea and the removal of American forces from Korean soil and under his leadership the reunited Korea became a Nuclear World power from past experience of his actions and threats against America Korea then would become a threat to world peace stability and security. But if his attempt to get sanctions lifted fails will he being a loose cannon as so to speak as seen by his past actions give up seeking to achieve his ambition by peaceful means and revert to using force to achieve his goals and ambitions seeing as he has at his disposal massive Armed forces will he be tempted to use it to achieve his goals by force of arms and then the questions remains if he did could the west stop him and also which Nation could he rely on for support as happened in the last Korean War. The later questions must of necessity be confronted by the western and East European Nations and will the answer be yes or will it result in the carnage or worse of the last Korean War.
This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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